Free Beautycounter Samples

I finally feel like I am getting back in the swing of things, which is always a good feeling! After a week showing my sister and brother-in-law around Alaska, I hardly had any time to update the blog, stay on top of social media, and share the new things Beautycounter has come out with. So let’s get started with a Beautycounter update!

I love that Beautycounter is constantly coming out with new products! There are new products that have recently been released, some that have been restocked, and others that were brought back. There are also new products that are slated to come out soon! (As consultants, we sometimes get a preview, but we can’t share until they are actually released!)

This month, the big highlight was that the Countermatch Adaptive Moisture Lotion is back in stock! When it was first released, it sold out in 24 hoursthat’s crazy! This moisturizer adapts to your skin and gives moisture where it needs it and doesn’t where it doesn’t. (That was more confusing than it needed to be.) Anyway, just know that this is an amazing product that you can also be assured is safe for your skin!

Secondly, Beautycounter brought back the Rejuvenating Face Cleanser. I have heard nothing but amazing things about this product and can’t wait to try it once I run out of my Nourishing Cream Cleanser. I love the Rejuvenating Night Cream, which stems from the same line. This cleanser foams, soothes, and leaves your skin moisturized. A win-win-win in my book!

This Bare Shimmer Lip Gloss used to be a holiday-only color, but now it is available year-round! I definitely like a little shimmer in my lip gloss color, and this is going on my ‘want’ list right now.

The Protect Sunscreen Stick is also back in stock. You can’t go wrong with safe sunscreen this time of the year. I am learning about all the toxic ingredients that are in lotions and specifically sunscreens. Beautycounter uses anon-nano zinc oxide that is safe and blends well into your skin without the white residue. This article has more about how harmful the traditional ingredient in sunscreens: oxybenzone is for humans and the coral reefs.

I don’t know about you, but I love free samples and for the remainder of the month, I’m offering up to 3 free samples of various Beautycounter products with your purchase through the end of the month. (You don’t have to purchase the products I featured aboveI was just highlighting some of Beautycounter’s new products.) Feel free to buy whatever you would like, and if you need advice, I’d be glad to help!

A Beautycounter purchase of any amount = one sample

$75 Beautycounter purchase = 2 samples of your choice

$100 Beautycounter purchase = all 3 samples

*These totals are before taxes and shipping costs.

**Only available to those in the US.

Sample option #1: Charcoal Cleansing Bar

Sample option #2: No. 3 Balancing Facial Oil

Sample option #3: Rejuvenating Radiance Serum

Purchases must be made by Monday, July 31. This is a promotion I am doing myself, so these won’t appear in your cart when you check out. Make sure you are shopping under me as your consultant and under the July Blog Social! Comment below on which sample(s) you would like!

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Kristy & Nick’s Alaska Trip

I had been looking forward to Kristy (my sister) and Nick’s (my brother-in-law) trip since they booked their tickets last fall. I was anticipating their arrival so much, and now I can’t believe it is already over. I didn’t know a week could go by so fast.

We ran, hiked, camped, fished, explored much of south central Alaska, and bonded during our adventures.

Craig, me, Cullen, Kristy, and Nick hiking Portage Pass Trail in Whittier, AK

As you know, our first full day together (Sunday), Kristy and I ran the Her Tern Half Marathon and tied for second place. Afterwards, there was no time to rest, we were off to Whittier for the afternoon.

Craig and I really like bringing tourists to Whittier because it is not your typical destination, so they get to see a part of the state most people don’t go to. There isn’t a ton to do, but it makes for a fun afternoon.

We first hiked the Portage Pass Trail. Somehow I got stuck carrying Cullen in the backpack up the mountain, even though I just ran a half marathon that morning! After our descent, we went into town to Swiftwater Cafe (the best place to eat in town) and had halibut, clam chowder, and salmon cakes. So good!

Monday morning, we had breakfast, got packed up, and then headed north to the Willow area to my in-law’s cabin. This is a pretty bare-bones cabin, but the big news is that they got running water in the cabin . . . .just cold water, only one faucet, however still no indoor plumbing.

We chilled the rest of the day, I attempted to take a nap with Cullen, I went for a second run, and then had s’mores around the fire. I don’t love s’mores; it’s more about the nostalgia.

Tuesday morning we slept in, Kristy and I went for a run, and then we headed to Talkeetna for the day. We stopped at a lake and threw rocks into the lake (One of Cullen’s favorite pasttimes.) with float planes around us. We then headed into Talkeetna. Tourist note: if you want a taste of some real Alaskan-ness, head to Talkeetna.

We had lunch at the Denali Brewing Company, and I had THE BEST salmon ever! I’m kind of over salmon, but if this is how salmon was prepared every meal, I would not get sick of it. It was perfectly done with an incredible rub/seasoning on it. The rest of the salad was awesome as well.

We walked around Talkeetna, checked out the shops, threw more rocks into the river, and then headed back to the cabin for the night.

Wednesday morning we drove back to Anchorage, unpacked, did laundry, repacked, and then headed down to the Kenai Peninsula for a few days of camping and fishing.

We camped in Soldotna and fished in the Kenai River for salmon. Kristy was successful and caught one fish! Nick helped her net it.

On Friday everyone went on a halibut fishing charter, however, we didn’t know how Cullen would do on something like that, so I drove down to Homer with Cullen and met up with Whitney at the beach, had a bit to eat at Two Sisters Bakery, and then did a little shopping. It was a gorgeous day, and Cullen had so much fun he didn’t want to leave.

Saturday we had to head back to Anchorage to take Kristy and Nick to the airport. Before we left, Kristy and I did a 21 mile long run with the last 3 miles at 6:50 pace. I didn’t hit the 6:50 pace, but it was still a successful run in my book. It was a warm, sunny day, and I wish we hadn’t had to spend the second half of the day driving. But at last, the trip had to come to an end, and we dropped them off at the airport.

Come back soon!!

Her Tern Half Marathon 2017 Race Recap

I don’t think words can express how happy I am about this race! I literally could not have asked for it to go better, and it was everything I secretly hoped it would be!

Eight months ago, my sister, Kristy, and her husband, Nick, made plans to come to Alaska mid-July. I convinced them to come for the Her Tern Half Marathon, which is my favorite race all year! By the grace of God, I overcame my hip injury, and we were both able to be healthy for this race. (This has not always been the case; often times one of us is injured.)

Training leading up to the race went really well for me. I’ve been running mileage in the 50s and 60s and topped out at 67 miles one week. But then I had a 7 mile workout just two days before the race where I was supposed to run 3 x 2 minutes at goal half marathon pace, which Nichole said was 6:40-6:45 pace (1:27-1:28 finish time). This pace-for just 2 minutes-should have come very easily for me, but I was majorly struggling! The 6:40/6:45 pace felt so hard, and I kept thinking, How am I going to run this pace for nearly 90 minutes in two day?!

But you do what you can, and put your best foot forward. I knew I was capable of a 1:27/1:28 finish time, but I also secretly hoped that I could run 1:26-something. This was my ‘A’ goal, which I usually don’t share with anyone. I tried to rest as much as possible on Friday and Saturday, but it was hard because I was getting ready for my sister and brother-in-law and their trip here to Alaska: cleaning the house, doing laundry, prepping food, while watching Cullen all day.

Kristy and Nick flew in the day before. I ended up spending more time on my feet than I wanted to with coaching the training group in the morning, working at the Expotique that morning, and then getting ready for their arrival. Finally, after dinner, I put my feet up and tried to give them a break. I also took an ice bath Saturday night, which I am definitely going to be keeping in my pre-race ritual.

Sunday morning, I got ready, had half of a bagel with vegan cream cheese for breakfast. I never eat anything before running in the morning, so it is hard to get myself to eat something on race mornings. I also had a few sips of decaf coffee with non-dairy creamer, my Generation UCAN pre-workout drink mix, and a GU right before the race started. Kristy and I left for the race and had about 40 minutes to warm-up, which was the perfect amount of time because I felt ready to go by the time the gun went off.

Kristy and I had strategized quite a bit before we ran the race. We decided we were definitely going to run the entire race together. We have run a handful of other races together, but we have ended up running them at our own paces: Twin Cities Marathon and Boston Marathon. We could only think of 3 other races we have done together and all 3 we weren’t as competitive because either I was doing it as a workout or one of us was injured. We talked about what pace we were aiming for, the course profile, running the tangents, how much we were going to talk, etc. So when the gun went off, we pretty much knew the plan, and now we just had to execute it. Starting out, I felt really good (unlike Friday’s workout!), so I was optimistic I could maintain a pace closer to 6:40.

One of the faster girls took off from the start leading the rest of the way. (By the way, she is only one year postpartum and is wicked fast! Congrats Mandy!) That left Kristy and I in 3rd and 4th place behind another runner. We followed her for about 5 miles. I kept trying to read whether or not she was going to be able to maintain this pace or if she was going to drop off. I wanted to be competitive and pass her sooner, but I knew that wasn’t smart, so we stuck with her for about 5 miles. We finally gained a little ground, but I knew she was still hanging on. The turn-around is at mile 7, and she was still on our tail at that point. I kept thinking I needed to put more distance between us and try to lose her for good. (In the nicest way possible!) Luckily I never heard her behind us again, so I knew we had 2nd and 3rd place secured.

The majority of the race is out-and-back, so on the way ‘out’ there isn’t much else going on, but on the way ‘back,’ we get to see all of the other people racing, which was fun because I was able to cheer for friends or for ladies from the training group. (Sometimes all I could do was smile or wave though because I was too out of breath.) It was also encouraging to get cheers from other people running.

The way ‘back’ is every so slightly downhill, and I can always feel it. By the last few miles, my legs were pretty beat up, so they appreciate this decline. However, then last half mile of the course is a gradual uphill to the finish with a steep one-block hill the last 0.1 mile. This is when things get really tough. I hit the bottom of that hill, and I had to tell Kristy to wait for me because my legs were beat. I felt like I was walking up that last hill, but then I saw the clock-1:36:xx, and I knew I had to book it to get under 1:27 because it was about to turn.

Kristy and I stayed side-by-side (and even stride-for-stride) through the finish line and tried to cross at exactly the same time. I glanced down at my watch and saw 1:26:56, and I was so incredibly happy! I had gotten my ‘A’ goal!

I knew the computer would have to pick one person to be 2nd and one to be 3rd, so when I saw I had beaten her by one one-hundreth of a second (0.01), I burst out laughing and told her I would split any prizes with her because really we had tied for 2nd place.

I think it’s funny that it looks like she beats me in this photo, but from a different angle it kind of looks like I inched her out.

Other notables:

Throughout the whole race, I think Kristy and I exchanged a total of 10 words. Of course we weren’t going to do much chit-chatting since we needed to conserve our energy for running, but she told me she doesn’t like it when people talk to her when she’s running, so I kept quiet. It was fine because we have ESP, so we pretty much could read what the other was thinking anyhow. I pushed at the beginning a little more than I know she would have, and I could tell by her breathing she was struggling a little, but I also knew she would hold on. Then I felt she wanted to pick up the pace at mile 10, but I didn’t have much left in the tank, so she hung with me.

We saw 2 moose right off the trail during the race. Luckily they are pretty used to people, so they didn’t bother us.

I didn’t take any energy gels while running. You have enough glycogen stores for 90 minutes, so I know I don’t need anything. More recently my half marathons haven’t been much more than 90 minutes, so I haven’t been taking an calories in mid-race, and I haven’t felt a dip in my energy while racing. I think the Generation UCAN really helps me have sustained energy throughout the race.

Local newspaper (Alaska Dispatch News) article HERE.

I am still on cloud nine from this race, and I am so glad Kristy was able to run it with me!

Monday Miscellaneous

Happy almost 4th of July!

I know many of you took an extended weekend and have been celebrating already. I worked on Saturday but had Sunday off, so I spent the entire day cleaning the house. Not exactly the most exciting thing, but the weather was rainy anyhow, and I love the feeling of going to bed with a clean house.

Let’s highlight a few things on this Monday!


Running has been going really well for me! I started working with my coach, Nichole, again, and I am loving having someone else plan every workout for me. I hit 67 miles last week that included a pretty tough interval workout, 13 mile tempo run, and a long run of 19 miles. You can read more about my workouts in this post.

Still my favorite running shoes.


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We have been whipping up some really good meals lately.

I finally caved and bought some Copper River Salmon from Costco. Since visiting Cordova, AK two summers ago and meeting the fishermen/women who fish the Copper River Delta for fresh salmon, I’ve always wanted to buy some but the price deterred me. I finally decided that the cost ($10/pound) was worth the fact I knew I was getting fresh, high-quality salmon.

I made this salmon in my Instant Pot, and it turned out perfect! Not too dry, perfectly done, and the best partno bones because the pressure cooker cooked them at the high enough. A perfect summer meal paired with a spinach salad as well as a quinoa salad.

The other meal that turned out fantastic were the High-Altitude Bison Meatballs With Simple Marinara from my beloved Run Fast Eat Slow cookbook. I’m usually not a big meatball person, but these were so good! I will definitely be making this meal for my next race.

And if you missed it, I posted a recipe for my Healthy Mocha Protein Smoothie that I have been making in the afternoons when I’m craving something cold and refreshing.


On Instagram, I had said I wanted to make it my goal this summer to take Cullen to a new place each week. So far we have succeeded! Our adventures have included a lot of new parks, new places to hike/walk, and one afternoon we had lunch with Craig at Lake Hood to watch the seaplanes take off and land.


There is an awesome sale going on right now at Loft. I purchased these 3 items recently, and I love all of them. They are all additional 60% of the sale price. They are too good to pass up!

Sweater $16


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Dress $24


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Top $16 (in a different colorthis color is sold out)


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I just got the Rejuvenating Radiance Serum in the mail over the weekend, and I am excited to start using it! I’ve heard a lot of people use this and rave about it, so I’m hoping it helps improve my complexion as well.

I will also be having a fun promo later this month so stay tuned if you like free samples!

Have a happy and safe 4th or July!

Healthy Mocha Protein Smoothie

I have been starting to keep track of my food in My Fitness Pal for the last couple of weeks since I’ve gone back to more serious training.

When I track my macro nutrients (carbohydrates, proteins, and fats), I am always low in the protein category. I don’t normally eat a lot of meat (although I’ve eaten more now since tracking my food), so I sometimes resort to protein drinks.

The other afternoon I was craving my afternoon (decaf) iced coffee, but I also wanted something sweet and more filling than coffee.

So I thought: coffee + chocolate in an cold drink form sounds amazing! You can’t go wrong with a healthy mocha smoothie! I added a banana since bananas always taste good in a smoothie, and I threw my collagen peptides in there as well since I hadn’t had them for the day.

I surprised myself with how good this was! It was creamy, smooth, full of flavor, and you can’t beat the mocha taste! Make this now, you won’t regret it, and it is full of good things.


1 cup unsweetened almond milk

1 banana

1 cup ice

2 espresso shots (*see note)

2 scoops chocolate protein powder

2 scoops collagen peptides


  1. Combine all ingredients in the blender.
  2. Blend on high speed until combined and all ice chunks are gone.

*Note: I make a concentrated amount of coffee in my French press. I use 2 tablespoons of coffee grounds + 4 oz. of hot water and then let it steep for several minutes for one shot of coffee.

I used this Orgain Organic Chocolate from Costco, but you can also get it on Amazon through the link. It isn’t so great on its own, but in a smoothie or my protein balls it tastes much better!

Collagen is the new superfood. Everyone seems to be using it! I have been using the Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides for a couple of months now, and I want to rave about the product like everyone else and say it has done wonders for my skin, hair, and nails, but to be honest, it is hard to tell if it has helped in anyway. I think my hair might be growing faster, but it is hard to tell. I wonder if I stopped taking it, then I would notice whether or not it affected my hair, skin, or nails. I figure it can’t hurt though!


Anyone tried the collagen peptides? Have you noticed any changes?

PR Coaching Athlete: Uran

I’m introducing one of my athletes today: Uran. We have been working together for several months now, and she will soon be running the Her Tern Half Marathon in July!

Uran been a very diligent athlete, and I look forward to her text after each run telling me how it went. Recently we’ve had a few break-through workouts, and I can’t help be excited for her! I’m also looking forward to see what she’ll be able to do at the half marathon!

Tell us a little about yourself: family, work, where you’ve lived, etc.

I’m originally from Atlanta, Georgia, but I lived between there and Costa Rica where my dad is from until I was five. We settled in Atlanta permanently after that, and I stayed there until I moved to Homer, Alaska three years ago. I work as a Controller (Accountant), and my partner Jimmy flies float planes. I am a stepmom to two awesome little boys Bryce (11) and Joe (3).

How did you get into running?

I tried and failed to enjoy running for years in my 20s, but I really didn’t hit my stride (hahaha) until last summer. I started with just a walk/run app that finally moved into all running, but with just a year under my belt, I’m still just a beginner! <img src="×72/1f642.png&quot; alt="

The Power of the Mind

It feels so good to be running pain-free, to be running during the summer (with no snow, ice, and freezing cold temps), and feeling like I am getting back into shape! I still have a long ways to go to get back to where I was last summer, but I am truly enjoying the process of this all!

Last week I hit 57 miles, with a long run of 17 miles that went really well. This week I’m on track to run 67 miles with one two-a-day and a 19-miler this weekend. Nichole has me working!!

This morning’s workout was an interval workout on the track. Track workouts still intimidate me. (They bring back memories of my high school daysnot bad, just lots of nerves.) I had no plans of ditching the workout, but I may have procrastinated a little more than usual before heading out the door. Good thing I have to be back by a certain time in order for Craig to go to workotherwise these runs would be pushed off even longer!

It was perfect running weather this morning with temps in the low-50s and cloudy. This would be my ideal conditions to run a marathon in if it were up to me. I ran to the high school track that’s close to our house, which I’m so thankful I don’t have to drive somewhere. Once I got to the track, I did some dynamic drills and striders before starting the workout of 6 x 800 meters.

Luckily I’ve run so many intervals, that my mind and body fall into the right pace from the get-go.

#1 2:58

The first one always feels so easy! I jog one lap for a recovery, and then start the second interval.

#2 2:58

Nichole said I should try to run these in 2:50, but I knew I wasn’t going to be close to that after the first two intervals. BUT it isn’t time to give up. I start the third one and keep pushing. I tell myself I’m halfway done after this next one.

#3 2:58

Maybe it is all my years of playing in the band that my internal metronome kicks inthe exact same time for the first four intervals.

#4 2:58

Now it is time to start playing mind games. My time usually drops a few seconds on the last interval because I know it’s the last one. So, I reason, what if I tell myself the second to the last one is the last one. Of course I know this is actually not true, but what if I simply say it in my head. I figure it is worth a shot, so I start the 5th interval.

#5 2:55

I glance down at my watch and surprise myself with the numbers on my watch. It actually worked! I paid for it though because my legs were really starting to feel it. But there’s always ‘just one more’ left in those legs and you find the willpower for the last one.

#6 2:56

And done! I leave the track and start a very slow jog back home.

It is amazing what limits the mind can put on your physical capability when using the wrong phrases or mantras. Too many times we let the negative thoughts creep in, and they limit what our body is actually capable of. Practice using positive words and phrases during your workouts, that way when it comes to race day, you don’t have to think about themthe positive thoughts will come naturally.

Some positive thoughts I’ve used during races:

  • I have worked harder than 95% of the other people out here.
  • It will be over before you know it.
  • This is way easier than childbirth. (At least anything will always be for me.)
  • Keep pushing.
  • Only X mile(s) to go or X minutes to go.

Anchorage Mayor’s 5K Race Recap

My exciting running-related news. . . .I’m back to working with my coach, Nichole!

I couldn’t be happier to have someone planning my workouts each day, having a purpose for these workouts, and a mastermind behind my plan.

Here’s more on why I love having a coach.

I had thought about running either the half marathon or the 5K for the Anchorage Mayor’s Marathon race series this past weekend. I had also considered not doing any of the races, but that’s what’s great about having a coach, this indecisive girl doesn’t have to decide, I just follow my coach’s orders. Nichole thought the 5K would fit well into the plan, so with less than a week until race day, I signed up for the Anchorage Mayor’s 5K.

I wasn’t quite as nervous come race morning as I can be. I wasn’t tapered for this race, and it wasn’t an ‘A’ race, but as always, I want to do well and try my best, so there was a little bit of anxiety.

After warming up for about 45 minutes, I was ready to go. Out of the gate, there were a couple of girls who started out a sub-6 minute pace, but I knew I didn’t have it in me to go out that fast, so I held back. The course starts by going down a pretty steep hill and then immediately back up another steep hill. Then it goes down another longer hill before flattening out for the next 1.5 miles. I used the downhill portions to try and gain some ground and occasionally checked my watch to see that I was staying at a good pace. (I was trying to hit a 6:15/6:20 pace.) I caught one of the girls in front of me before the half-way point turnaround and then passed the other one shortly after that. The last 0.75 mile or so has another steep uphill portion, followed by a steep downhill, and another hill that leads you into the chute. I’m convinced the race director did this on purpose. I actually feel worse for the marathons who have to run these hills at the end of their race.

My splits were okay but definitely not great.

Mile 1 6:21

Mile 2 6:28

Mile 0.89 6:01

My GPS distance: 2.89 miles

I know the course was short. I don’t think it was quite that short as my old Garmin watch always measures long. A couple of other people had closer to 2.95 miles, but that’s still pretty far off for 3.1 miles.

These are my official results. The short course makes my average time look really good, but I know I wasn’t running a 6:05 pace.

I am pretty bummed the course was short. It is what it is, but still kind of disappointing it would be off that much. Despite this, it was still a solid race effort, and it is fun to come away with a win.

We’ve got a few weeks of training before the Her Tern Half Marathon in July. It is my favorite race, and I am especially excited for this year’s race because my sister will be up here for it!! I think we’ll finally be able to run (and race) a race together. More often than not it seems like one of us is injured, but we’re both healthy so far!

Beautycounter Trying New Products + Free Gift with Purchase

I’ve always loved trying new products, and I recently got a few new Beautycounter products that I wanted to share with you.

Also, stay tuned until the end of this post because I am offering a FREE gift with purchase from now through Monday, June 19.

Tint Skin

For the past several months I have been using the Dew Skin Tinted Moisturizer, which I really like! It is lightweight, has sunscreen in it, and leaves your skin with a dewy hue, which is perfect for summer. However, I had been wanting a little more coverage and have been wanting to try the Tint Skin, which is their true foundation. After just a couple of times using it, I love it already. It definitely has more coverage, which I like, applies easily, and doesn’t leave a cakey appearance afterwards. I purchased the ‘Sand’ color, which is slightly darker than I would usually go, but I wanted something darker for my summer skin.

Lip Gloss Peony

I have a slight obsession with lip gloss. I started this habit that I need to apply lip gloss after brushing my teeth each time. It is kind of a silly/random habit, but it has caused me to have quite the lip gloss collection. Up until I purchased this Lip Gloss in Peony from Beautycounter, I have been using some chemical-laden lip gloss from Victoria’s Secret. Gross, I know, so I was very happy when this safe lip gloss came in the mail. The peony color has the subtlest hint of color, which is perfect for everyday wear. I also particularly like the applicatorkind of random, but the tip is bent, and the bristles on the brush are really soft. I love that Beautycounter pays attention to the little things in their products.

No. 3 Balancing Facial Oil

This winter I posted about my love for the Soothing Face Oil. It was the only thing that cleared up my dry skin after trying far too many other products. Shortly after purchasing the Soothing Oil, they discontinued it, which was a bummer, so I picked up the No. 3 Balancing Facial Oil now instead. I honestly had a hard time choosing between the three facial oils but ultimately chose No. 3 because I often do have combination skin during the summer, which helps calm and ‘balance’ those two extremes. I do love this facial oil just as much. It works so well to combat to soothe and softens kin. To be honest, I don’t love the scent as much as my previous Soothing Oil. By no means do I think the Balancing Oil has a bad scentbut rather just not quite as pleasant as the Soothing Oil.

Daily Shampoo & Daily Conditioner

I didn’t really have a lot of hope for the Daily Shampoo or the Daily Conditioner from Beautycounter. I just hadn’t heard rave reviews on them like I had for some of the other products. But, holy cow, I really, really like this stuff. The smell of my shampoo and conditioner is a big selling point for me. Both products have a more subtle scent, which is nice, but not quite as fragrant as other brands I’ve tried. BUT I know these products are a lot better for my hair and skin. What I especially love about this shampoo and conditioner is how soft my hair feels when blow drying it and after it is dry. I don’t know that I’ve used any other shampoo and conditioner that has left my hair this softand I’ve used some higher-end products before. So needless to say, I would give these two products two thumbs up.

I can’t stress enough how much I love Beautycounter’s line of products and would honestly continue to use them even if I wasn’t a consultant.

First and foremost, they are safefree of 1500 harmful chemicals! I’ve made a lot of changes in my life these past few months with trying to reduce the chemicals that enter my bodybeing mindful of air freshener use, cleaning products, hands soap, etc. I’ve made these changes slowly over the past few months and plan to continue to work to reduce my expose to chemicals in my home and daily life.

Secondly, these are truly quality products. You get what you pay for! I am all about paying a little more for products that work well and do what they say they are going to do. I have yet to be disappointed by any Beautycounter products. But if you ever are, they have an awesome 60 day return policy.

Sooo. . . .here’s your chance to try some of their products as well. If you purchase $100 in Beautycounter products (before taxes and shipping charges), I will send you one of the following products for FREE:

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If you do end up purchasing some items, please leave a comment below! Tell me what products you ordered and what free item you’d like to try!