Anchorage House for Sale: 5 Post Winter Repairs for Home Sellers

Winter is finally over and spring is here. Without the cover of snow, plus lots of sunlight, your Alaska house for sale may have some problems as a result of winter weather that if not addressed now, could cost thousands later.

With your house going on the market, it’s important to inspect you home from top to bottom for common winter damages and begin fixing them now.

5 Post Winter Repairs for Your Anchorage House for Sale

Repair 1 Roofs – The first thing to be affected by winter is the roof. With the heavy snow and strong winds the roof and gutter can end up missing shingles as well as falling prey to structural damage and frozen gutters. Sometimes snow melts and reforms ice near the edge of the roof causing an “ice dam”. Ice dams can not only prevent drainage via the gutters but can also seep under the roof.  If you Anchorage house for sale is showing any signs of roof damage get it fixed ASAP. Waiting could cost more in the long run. Structural damage could also give buyers a reason to back out.

Repair 2: Pipes – Because of the cold temperatures in the winter pipes can freeze and sometimes burst. Getting your pipes checked by a plumber now will save you money later.

Repair 3: Fallen Trees – If any of your trees were damage or fell down during the winter. Once the snow and ice melts, it’s time to contact a tree removal service. These tree removal technicians can come to your Anchorage house for sale and haul away any fallen trees.

Repair 4: Siding – During the winter, next to the roof, your siding is hit hardest. When shingles fall off this allows the inner siding to get wet which could lead to mold and holes for pest. If your Anchorage house for sale has siding missing contact a company to repair it as soon as possible to prevent further damage.

Repair 5: Heaters and furnaces – During the winter your heaters and furnaces were pushed to the max to keep the home warm. This can cause them to stop or the increased probability of leaks and energy gaps. Even if you don’t see an issue with your heater, if you Anchorage house is for sale you should get professional air conditioning contractor to come out and inspect your home.

Spring is a popular time of the year for home buyers. They love to get out and begin searching for homes. Many of them prefer to find a home that is in move-in condition and need little to no repairs. These tips, along with hiring us as your real estate agents, will get your Anchorage house for sale prepared for home buying season. Your home will stand out against the crowd due to its increased curb appeal and lack of damage.

So what are you waiting for? Put on some gloves and/or call a contractor and get ready to sell your home fast

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