Celebrate Mother’s Day with Alaska’s Cutest Babies

Wildlife remains one of Alaska’s greatest draws for visitors from across the globe. Travelers from all corners of the earth come to witness phenomena like the gray whale migration or to come within spitting distance of the bears of Katmai National Park. Alaska’s animals doing what they do in their natural habitat are a sight to behold, but somehow even seeing a full-grown grizzly deftly snatch a salmon out of a gushing waterfall pales in comparison to the delightful sight of a baby bear cub doing, well… anything! Very few can resist the heart-melting cuteness of fury, cuddly infant animals. In honor of Mother’s Day, we’ve put together an irresistible collection of some of Alaska’s most adorable little critters. Enjoy (and go tell your mother you love her)!

Baby moose

Baby brown bear

Photo courtesy of Brian W. Schaller

Photo courtesy of Yannick Bammert

Baby seal

Photo courtesy of Captain Budd Christman

Baby fox

Photo courtesy of Kevin Cole

Baby musk-ok

Photo courtesy of Rebecca Mashhadian

Baby beluga

Photo courtesy of Tony Fox

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