Pulsator 10K 2015 – Race Recap


I have good news and bad news.

Good news: I got first place at the Pulsator 10K. As in, first overall! Not only did I beat all of the women, but I beat all of the men as well.

Bad news: I did not break 40 minutes. I was 9 seconds short! Ah, so close.

Good news: I did set a new PR. (Previous time was 40:21), so I can’t complain about that 7 months postpartum.


While my big goal was to break 40 minutes, I am honestly not that bummed. I have too much else to be happy about. I mean, come on, how many times do I get to say I beat all the boys in a race. Now granted it was a very small field (only about 70 competitors), but a win is a win. Plus I’m stoked about the PR. I honestly did not think I would be setting new PRs this soon after having a baby.

This little guy helped cheer me on.


I took the lead from the start because I had an inkling the other competitors weren’t going to be running a 6:28 pace. I felt good from the start and was optimistic I could break that 40 minute barrier. I stayed very focused throughout the race, pushing myself because I knew it would be easy to zone out with no other competitors around. I obsessively checked my watch (which I usually try not to do), but the 10K pace isn’t quite engrained in my legs as much as a half-marathon pace is. I had a horrible GPS signal nearly the entire race, so I had to do my best to guess my splits based on my total running time. Thankfully I knew the course like the back of my hand (nearly every race in Anchorage is run on the same trail), so I made sure to run every tangent I could.

In the end, I came up 9 seconds short, but a new PR helps get me that much close to the ultimate goal.

Screen shot 2015-05-24 at 9.20.43 PM

Not only was I playing competitor, mom, and friend, I also had several athletes run the half-marathon or 10K.

Alicia had a 9 minute PR in only her second half-marathon! That’s nearly a minute per mile faster. She easily broke the 2 hour mark with a time of 1:53.

Sarah had a 3 minute PR compared to this race last year. Plus she just completed Boston a month ago.

Joanne placed 1st for her age group and 2nd for the women in the 10K on a bum hip that she will need surgery on. (The PA gave her the okay to race on it.)


I did my long run today: 18 miles with an average pace of 7:51. My legs were a little tired but not too bad. Time for bed as I have two runs on the agenda tomorrow.


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