Life Update: Running


It has been a while! Life has been busy but full of good things each day, so the regular blog posts are usually the first to go. However, it is time to fill you guys in on what has been happening.

Let’s start with a running update since that’s what this blog is mostly about anyway.

I am now in a new training cycle with my coach, Nichole. I took two full weeks off after the Moose’s Tooth Marathon, and enjoyed every minute of sleeping in. Buuutt. . .PRs don’t come by me sitting on my butt, so we’ve been working hard these past couple of months to try and improve my leg turn-over through drills, up-tempo workouts, striders, and explosive weight lifting drills.


I’m currently running 6 days a week, lifting once or twice, doing core work as often as I can, and averaging about 55 miles a week. I sure do like having that day off each week, but I’ll be transitioning to a day off every 8 or 9 days. I’ve been taking an intense pilates class at the gym once a week, but the instructor is leaving on a trip for a couple of months, so I’ve been looking into taking a postpartum class at Studio One Pilates here in Anchorage.

All of my hard work actually paid off with a PR in the half-marathon at the Zombie Half-Marathon this past weekend. I was NOT expecting to PR. Usually it is really cold at this race and the massive hill at the end can really slow you down, but I worked hard, and I actually pulled off a 30 second PR.


My ultimate running goal is still a sub-3:00 marathon. After running a 3:06 (adjusted time with the course being short), I KNOW this goal is not unattainable. Two years ago when Nichole said I had the potential to run under 3 hours in the marathon, I didn’t believe her. She saw something in me I didn’t, and I’m glad I stuck with it because I am on my way there!

Outside of my own training, I have been coaching the Raven Run Club through the running store I work at, Skinny Raven Sports. I absolutely love working with the runners, meeting new people, and helping them with their running goals. I also have my own athletes I coach through my online services. I now have an international athlete in Hong Kong! I still have availability to take on more clients, so shoot me an e-mail if you are interested!


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