Cullen’s Farm Themed Birthday Party + Weekly Mileage

I spent the day organizing things around the house today, so I am getting to this post a little late. I started organizing the spare bedroom closet, which turned into organizing the closet downstairs, then Cullen’s closet, then the nighstand drawers, and so on. . . . .BUT everything is now organized, and I purged a whole lot of stuff, which feels so good!

Let’s back up to Saturday, which was the official day of Cullen’s 1st birthday! We had a lot of friends and family come celebrate with us, which was so much fun. As I was planning his birthday party, it seemed kind of silly to put so much effort into such a big party for someone who has no idea what was going on. I went back and forth on whether we should have a small party with family or a big celebration and invite everyone. I ultimately chose to go all out, which was fun and everyone had a good time.


Craig’s aunt made an adorable farm-themed cake for Cullen’s party. She does such an amazing job with every little detail. She even made a small smash cake for Cullen. Once Cullen got a bite of his cake, he kept digging in, and I finally had to take the cake away after he had made a sizable dent.


I chose a farm theme because I grew up on a pig, corn, and soybean farm, and I have some farm-themed prints in Cullen’s room. Cullen also loves his Farm and My Farm Friends books. He requests both books often.

On the menu: pork sliders, baked beans, an Asian coleslaw salad, potato chips, spinach salad, fresh veggies, apples with caramel, and Rice Krispie bars.


It was fun coming up with names for each of the food items. Actually Craig did all the work there.


I used mini clothespins with small round chalkboard pieces to display Cullen’s monthly pictures. It is fun to look back and see how much he changed from month to month.


We had a lot of fun celebrating with everyone and were glad so many of our friends and family members could come and wish Cullen a happy birthday. Craig said next year he’s going to plan the party, and it is going to be Star Wars-themed. We’ll see about that. . . .


I had a solid week of workouts. I have been feeling good, and I can tell I’m getting stronger and my leg turn-over is improving. My coach even noticed by looking at a couple of pictures that I have more explosive power in my running form. Sweet!

Workouts ~ October 19 – 25


8 miles with 3 x 1 mile @ 6:45

Splits: 6:47, 6:44, 6:44

These mile repeats came pretty easily, so I was happy about that.


6 miles | 10:00 pace

Brittany and I pushed our strollers during this run. She was actually pushing 1.5 babies as she is pregnant, so she definitely deserves a gold star.


10 miles | 8 x 150 meters on grass FAST | 8:17 pace

I had a hard time finding a grassy area with enough light since it is pitch dark when I go running every morning. I went to a park to do the fast 150s, but I’m not sure I ran them as fast as I should have. Poor light + uneven ground + wet areas . . .didn’t allow me to push very hard.

40 minutes of weight lifting at the gym


Off – I always enjoy my day off.


10 miles w/ last 2 miles @ 7:00 | 8:08 pace

This went well–I felt good, and I didn’t have any problem hitting the 7:00 pace at the end.

30 minutes of weights at home


16 miles | long run | 8:03 pace

I was so glad to have company during this run again. My friend, Hallidie, and I chatted away the miles along the Coastal Trail.


8 miles | easy run | 8:22 pace

40 minutes of weight lifting


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