Cullen’s Favorite Book

Cullen woke up at 5:30 a.m. Tuesday morning, so I stayed up even though my alarm was set for 6 a.m. I knew it would be best to get an early start because I was meeting Brittany at 7 a.m., but I had to get 4 miles in beforehand.

Luckily it wasn’t too cold this morning (low 30s), but I am not looking forward to the end of the week and next week when it is supposed to be in the single digits. I’m not ready for that! I ran 4 miles and then met Brittany for 5 more. She’s doing awesome running at 27 weeks pregnant! We ran through the neighborhoods since they were plowed better than the sidewalks and not very slippery.

When I got back home, Cullen was still sleeping, which I was surprised about, so I took the opportunity to foam roll, do my postpartum ab video, and grab a bowl of cereal while chatting with Craig before he left for work. Cullen finally woke up at 8:45, which is late for him. (He went to bed about 7:30/7:45 p.m.) When he got up, I was more than ready for breakfast.


I made oatmeal for us to share topped with peanut butter. Cullen also had some yogurt and an English muffin with mashed avocado. He’s funny because he doesn’t always like eating cut-up pieces of avocado, but he loves licked off the mashed avocado off a piece of toast.

The Minnesota love koozie was given to me by my sister when she asked me to be her matron of honor at her wedding! Next summer her and her fiancé, Nick, are tying the knot in Minnesota. I’m stoked!

After breakfast, I changed Cullen, and he insisted on reading his Moo book. It is just like the Dog book (both by the same author) but with farm animals. I read this book to him no less than three times each day.


I shower and get ready for the day while Cullen plays. (Right now he is loving a couple of new toys he got for his birthday.) Then we run a few errands. We stop at REI to return an item. (I bought a hat for Craig for his birthday, but he didn’t like it.) Then we stop at The Clothesline Consignment, so I can drop off a bag of clothes I am trying to sell. I have not been liking many of the options in my closet, so I have been purging and getting rid of things I never wear. That way I can buy some new clothes like this Oiselle Lux Sweatshirt and this New Balance Heat Hybrid Vest.


I also stopped in at Sephora for a new facial cleaner and moisturizer. I recently purchased a different cleaner and moisturizer, but they weren’t working for me. I picked them out myself and should have asked for help the first time around. Hopefully these two products will be better for my skin.


We didn’t get back until 12:30 p.m., so I quickly reheated last night’s dinner and toasted a piece of bread that I topped with mashed avocado. (I think Cullen had about half of my toast.) I used to rarely eat avocados, but now I can’t go a day without having some. I can’t believe I was missing out for so long.


I also had this Chicano Flip yogurt cup. It was definitely good, but I’m not sure it was that healthy.


While Cullen napped, I worked on this blog post and posted some items to be sold on E-bay. If you are interested in a Timbuk2 XS messenger bag or a Oiselle Sweatshirt, check out my items. I also worked on thank yous for his birthday gifts and made pizza dough for dinner.

Cullen loves playing with the vacuum attachments. He likes to dust with this one.


Then it was time to walk Sadie because she was getting crazy. (Cullen isn’t sleeping in the picture; he’s just looking down.)


Craig had to work late, so we add pizza by ourselves. I made half with meat and half vegetarian.



  1. If you have kids, what time do they wake up?
  2. What is your favorite facial cleanser?
  3. Ever try to sell things on E-bay?

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