Winter Races

There aren’t a lot of races during the winter months up here, but there are more now than there were when I moved up here 8 years ago. (How did I get to 8 already?!) I have two races picked out for the rest of this year but am not sure what I’ll be racing next year. I’ve thrown around a lot of ideas but haven’t settled on anything yet.

The first race for me coming up this month is the Turkey Trot. Did you know that more people race on Thanksgiving Day than any other day of  the year? This is only the 4th year Skinny Raven has put on this event for those who live in the Anchorage area. I didn’t run the race the first year (I’m not sure I knew about it??). The second year I did it for fun because I was injured. And last year I was just a few weeks postpartum and barely getting back into running.

But this year I plan to race the 5K. How fast I will be able to run this race will depend upon the road conditions (snowy and/or ice) and the temperature (I don’t do well in colder temps.). But I am looking forward to lacing up the racing flats and seeing what my little legs can pull off that day.

The other race I’ll be running this year is the Northern Lights Resolution Run on the eve of December 31. This will only be the 2nd time Skinny Raven has put this race on, and if you live in the Anchorage area, I highly recommend signing up for this race. It was seriously a blast last year. The route was super slippery, but the blacklight tunnel, paper lanterns, music, and other decorations lighting the path made it so much fun! Plus everyone decks out in their lighted gear and bright colors.


Picture from last year’s race.

Yesterday I coached two Raven Run Club training groups in the morning and then went for my run late morning. It was so nice to be able to run in the daylight–I could see and even though it was the same temperature as it is in the mornings, it felt warmer since the sun was up. I would love to be able to go during the day every day. (Plus then I could sleep in more!)


For lunch, Craig, Cullen, and I ate at South Restaurant & Coffeehouse. It is a relatively new restaurant in town, and Craig and I finally got a chance to try it for his birthday a week ago. We had sandwiches, a salad, and soup on the cafe side and enjoyed everything we had.


During the afternoon I had a sports massage, which was absolutely heavenly. The last massage I had was when I was about 35 weeks pregnant, so this was a treat!


Post-massage bliss.



  1. What is your next race?

2. When was the last time you had a massage?


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