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Woohoo! Happy weekend everyone! Any big plans for the weekend?

8 miles done this morning with two other lovely ladies. We took it nice and easy at an 8:45 pace through downtown Anchorage.

After getting Cullen ready and having some breakfast, we headed to the gym so I could lift weights for 45 minutes. My coach had me do some different types of core work, and I think (hope!) I’m going to be sore tomorrow. I love the new Body Renew in South Anchorage. The facilities are so nice and new and modern.


Afterwards, I took Cullen to the library because someone told me they had a great play area for little kids. They were right! Classic Cullen–one shoe on, one shoe off.


There was an enclosed area with tons of toys, kid-sized tables, and books (of course) for Cullen to play with. He had a blast and did not want to leave when it was time to go.


Have you ever tried these maple bacon Kettle chips? They definitely had a sweet-savory flavor to them. I’m pretty sure they took the BBQ flavor and added some sweetness to them; that’s what they tasted like to me anyhow.


Also, if you like hearty, grainy bread and you live near a Costco, you must try this Cranberry Walnut Bread that they sell. It is full of chunks to walnuts and cranberries (of course), wheat flour, and rye. I usually have a few slices at a time with Earth Balance “butter.”


So here’s random little tip I have been doing with our orange juice that saves us from drinking orange juice like nobody’s business. Instead of mixing up an entire pitcher of orange juice and then having it gone in two days, I put the orange juice concentrate in this dressing maker, and then when we want some orange juice, we just add the concentrate to a glass with some water. I also like adding the orange juice concentrate to smoothies, and Cullen likes really watered-down orange juice. Good thing he doesn’t know any different yet.



I’m trying to be more diligent about getting a few blog posts up each week. I finally feel like we’re in a pretty good routine, so blogging seems a little more doable these days.

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I usually try to post a link in Facebook each time I have a new blog post, so you can also ‘like’ The Runner’s Plate on Facebook too.

By far my favorite form of social media these days is Instagram. I only recently started an account there (this summer. . . .when I also go my first smartphone). My friend, Brittany, kept raving about Instagram and how much better it was than Facebook and now I understand why! No “extra” stuff (ads, “this person liked this,” “this person commented on this, etc.) just a lot of fun pictures! Follow therunnersplate on Instagram.

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