Grandma and Aunt Kristy’s Trip to AK

My mom and my sister left early this morning. Tear. I knew their trip would go far too quickly, but I thoroughly enjoyed every second they were here.


We didn’t do anything extravagant while they were here. We mostly just stuck around home and enjoyed hanging out together while Kristy and my mom played with Cullen a lot.

Most days we slept in, then Kristy and I would go running mid-morning while my mom got to spend some one-on-one time with Cullen. By the time we got back from running, Cullen would go down for his nap, so we would get lunch, foam roll, stretch, and get ready for the day. During the afternoon we usually went outside for a walk with Sadie before it was back home to make dinner for the evening.

Thursday we walked along the Coastal Trail to Point Woronzof. The sky was clear, the sun was shining, and the mountains were light up. It was stunning.


We took Cullen out in his “new” wooden sled. (It was actually Craig’s as a kid.) He loved it!


Friday was my day off from running, so we went out for brunch at Snow City Cafe. Afterwards we went to David’s Bridal to get ideas for bridesmaid dresses for my sister’s wedding this summer.

Saturday morning was my long run of 14 miles. Kristy ran with me, which made it feel like the good old days. Even though Kristy is six years younger than me, she is my clone, and we often find ourselves dressing alike even without trying.


That afternoon we went downtown to check out the ice sculptures that were being carved. It was kind of neat to see the process, but I think it would have been better to see them once they were completed. Then we went shopping at the 5th Avenue Mall for a while.


Sunday was church and that afternoon Kristy and I went to the bridal show here in town. I have to admit, I was quite impressed. There were a lot of vendors there, and while Kristy isn’t getting married in Alaska, it is kind of a way for me to be part of the process while living so far away.


We got to try a lot of food samples while we were there, including ribs from a BBQ place in town.


Monday morning I had a longer workout: 5 x 1000 meters in 3:30 + 4 x 200 meters for a total of 10 miles. One thousand meters in three minutes and thirty seconds is a 5:38 pace on the treadmill people, and let me tell you, that treadmill belt is moving fast at that speed! Kristy did the workout with me, which was nice to have the company. It was tough, but I made it! Afterwards we ran outside along the Coastal Trail for our cool-down.


That afternoon we went to a different park in town to take some pictures and check out the views of the mountains. #funselfies

Last night we had one last dinner together and then played with Cullen until it was past his bedtime. Kristy and I stayed up doing her nails and wishing the morning wouldn’t come.


Today it is just Cullen and me again. We’ve had a chill day at home. I did go to the gym this afternoon for a strength training session and ran outside after dropping my mom and sister off at the airport.


Cullen has been walking for about a week now, and you can tell he gets stronger each and every day.


Until next time!

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