Weekly Mileage + This Week’s Goals

I’ve been thinking about some of my goals for this week and thought I’d share them with you guys. Plus that will help keep me accountable, right?

  1. Eat at least 3 – 4 servings of vegetables every day.

    I usually eat at least 2 servings of vegetables every day, but I’d like to increase that to 3 or 4.

  2. Be in bed by 9:30 p.m. with lights out no later than 10:00 p.m.

    Ideally I would like to be in bed by 9:00 p.m. I’ve been doing better, so I need to continue in this streak.

  3. Check out a book from the library and read at least two nights before bed this week.

    I need to get back into the habit of reading. Any recommendations? I really like biographies/autobiographies and probably non-fiction over fiction.

  4. Stretch and/or foam roll for at least 10 minutes every day.

    I have been doing better with this, but I need to stay on top of it and ideally increase to 15-20 minutes every day.

  5. Do core work at least 4 times this week for at least 5 (very productive) minutes.

    I still have a little bit of diastasis recti (ab separation after having a baby), and I’d like to have that be back together before this summer of racing happens. I should probably also shoot for closer to 10 minutes.

  6. Take at least one 30 minute nap.

    I’m not a napper, but with my training increasing and still waking up a lot during the night due to Cullen or other random things, I know I need the extra sleep.

I’m going to stop there, so I don’t over-commit myself and set unrealistic expectations. I’m optimistic I can meet all these goals this week. I’ll be checking in next week to see how they went.


This past week of running went really well. I am officially in my block of training to work towards Grandma’s Marathon. I still feel like I’m running on some-what tired legs some days, but I am learning to embrace it. My best run of the week was Monday’s interval workout, and I was also really happy with how my long run went on Saturday.


10 miles, intervals

written workout: 4x1000m at 6:30/mile pace with 1 min recovery, then full recovery before: 2x1k intervals in 3:45 w/ 90% recovery, 4x200m as quick as you can with equal distance recovery

Actual paces – 6:31, 6:27, 6:27, 6:22, 5:59, 5:55

Paces for 200s – 5:13, 5:07, 5:00, sub-5:00

I did this workout on the treadmill in the afternoon, so maybe my legs were more awake?? But I actually thought this workout was easy (relatively speaking). I had no problem nailing the prescribed paces and often went faster.


AM – 7 miles, 8:54 pace

PM – 5 miles, 9:42 pace

I pushed Cullen in the stroller during the afternoon run. It was a slow, slow run as we skated through many of the neighborhoods. Both runs went okay. . . .nothing great, nothing terrible.


7 miles, easy, 8:38 pace

I was planning on meeting a friend during this run, but her son got sick, so she had to cancel at the last minute, so I ended up pushing Cullen in the stroller again. I usually try to push Cullen in the stroller twice a week and spread out the runs, but I ended up pushing him three days in a row.



AM – 8.5 miles, 8:02 average pace

written workout: for 2.5 miles sets of: 2 min. hard 1 min. easy, 1 min. hard, 30 sec. easy, 30 sec. hard, 30 secs easy

This was a little more challenging than I expected. I’m not sure what my paces were as I didn’t split any of them, but I was breathing pretty hard during/after each one.

PM – 4 miles, 8:46 pace

Easy run in the sunshine with the stroller! 4 miles seems so short these days.


Off – I usually live for my day off, but I actually could have continued to run if need be. However, I still thoroughly enjoyed my day off. I stayed in my pajamas way too long.


18 miles, long run – 7:57 pace

My legs felt nice and fresh after a day off. I also ran 99% on dry pavement, so I was in heaven.


AM – 6 miles, easy (no watch)

PM – 4 miles, easy (no watch)

I almost forgot I had another run scheduled for the day. I ran in the morning, got Cullen and I ready for church, went to church, then went to work, and was looking forward to being at home and getting my house cleaned when I realized I still had another run. Good thing it only took me a little over 30 minutes.

Total for the week: 69.5 miles


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