Things I’m Loving Lately IX

I enjoy sharing things with you guys that I’m loving, but I also have some things in this post that I want to warn you about before you spend your own money on them. I’ve included a few beauty items, baby things, some new foods, and running apparel I can’t live without.

Justin’s Vanilla Almond Butter

I haven’t always loved almond butter. I love almonds, but plain almond butter is just okay in my mind. But I know almonds are a better source of healthy fats versus peanuts, so now that I’ve discovered Justin’s vanilla almond butter, I am in heaven.


Harvest Snaps – Snapea Crisps

I am addicted to these freeze-dried sugar snap peas. They’re actually a legume and full of protein and fiber without the high fat or calorie content. I like eating them instead of chips or crackers.


RapidLash: Eyelash Enhancing Serum

If you want longer eyelashes, I highly recommend this product. Within just a couple of weeks I noticed my eyelashes were longer. It is easy to apply each night and didn’t bother my eyes. However, I was hoping that my eyelashes would also grow to be more full, but I didn’t notice that happening.


Fresh Soy Face Cleanser

This is the second time I’ve purchased this face wash, and I really like it. It is a non-foaming face cleanser that removes makeup and hasn’t caused any breakouts for me. I highly recommend it. I also really like this face cleaner.


After watching the marathon trials, I often wondered about the man and woman who finished last place. What an interesting article. I would totally still run it just to say I ran at the trials!

I recently scored some awesome deals on two Nike Dri-Fit Knit shirts on E-bay. They are definitely pieces that make training for a marathon worthwhile. (Although I would have a hard time paying full price for them. Heck, I have a hard time paying full price for anything.)


Click Lock Weighted Flexi-Straw Cup by Munchkin

A few months ago, I was in the sippy cup aisle at Target trying to decide which one to buy for Cullen. I ended up purchasing this sippy cup by Munchkin, and I absolutely love it. It does not leak when tipped on its side, which means it is great for tossing in the diaper bag as well. It has two handles, it comes with its own brush to clean the straw, and Cullen can tip the cup in any direction and the weight inside the cup moves and allows him to keep drinking. I can’t say enough good things about it–except that the cover comes off pretty easily when it is dropped, but other than that I highly recommend it.


Sippee Cup by Tommee Tippee

Since one cup wasn’t enough, I purchased two more sippy cups from Target. I thought these cups by Tommee Tippee were cute and they said they didn’t leak. I used them for a while, and they were great. They didn’t leak when they tipped over, and Cullen really liked them.


However, then when my mom and my sister were here, my sister was doing the dishes, took the sippy cup’s cover apart and discovered it was full of mold! We tried to get it clean, but it was not coming clean, so I threw them out. I went to Amazon to read the product reviews for this, and lo and behold, this was happening to everyone’s cups. Cosmopolitan even had an article published on February 25 saying that pictures from another mom had gone viral of her child’s moldy sippy cup and how people were attacking Tommee Tippee on their Facebook page. Apparently the company is going to come out with a clear part (it is white in the picture below), but that is not going to fix the problem. The mold was in the nozzle (the dark portion of the cover in my picture) and inside the white plastic part.


Insulated Straw Tumbler by Tommee Tippee

We were still always running out of cups, so I purchased two more from Target. Once again two Tommee Tippee insulated cups with a straw. I thought they would be great, but once again I was pretty let down. I haven’t notice any mold problems, but these cups leak horribly. Even if the cup is upright, when I pop the straw open (It is down in this picture.), 9 times out of 10 the liquid comes up through the straw and get all over everything. Plus they also leak when they are tipped on their side. Plus the straw and surrounding parts are hard to clean.


Miracle 360* Cup by Munchkin

Since I didn’t like the Tommee Tippe cups, I needed a couple more for Cullen, so this time I went online to Amazon to read reviews before purchasing anything. These sippy cups by Munchkin were the top-rated, so I purchased two. I am glad I did because he loves them. They do not spill, and they are so much easier to clean. The only drawback is that liquid does leak when they are dropped. (It leaks due to the impact, but the leaking doesn’t continue if it stays on its side.)

Moral of the sippy cup post. . . .Munchkin knows what they are doing and Tommee Tippee does not.


Someone told me that the Diaper Genie is overrated. I am here to tell you it is not. For the first 8 or so months, we used a wet/dry bag for Cullen’s diapers. This worked fine, but once he was primarily on solid foods, the bag could not contain the stink of the poopy diapers. We finally purchased a Diaper Genie and have no regrets.


I am in love with this ‘Mama’ necklace from Roolee Boutique. I love the shorter chain, the gold color, and the bar pendent.



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