6 Things Sunday

I hope you are having a splendid Sunday. Here’s a little bit of what I’ve been up to lately.


Grandma’s Marathon is quickly approaching. . . less than one month until the race!

Training continues to go well, and I feel so fortunate to be running injury-free! (Strength training plays a big role in this!) I just wrapped up a 78 mile week, which included a 19 mile tempo run on Saturday. It wasn’t at tempo pace during the entire long run. I had 20 minutes (4 x 5 minutes) of tempo after a two mile warm-up, and then another 20 minutes towards the end. The first tempo segment is always do-able, but that last segment always gets me.

I am usually good about doing all of those little extras: foam rolling, stretching, good sleep, nutrition, etc., but it doesn’t hurt to focus on them even a little more now!



Spring is finally here!

While last weekend was gorgeous. . . low 70s and sunshine. . .this weekend is cloudy, cool, and rainy. Hopefully it will be sunny and warm when my brother comes to visit this next week.

I don’t know what this flowering tree is, but I absolutely love the way it smells.



I organized a postpartum talk for runners at Skinny Raven, and a local physical therapist spoke to the group of 35 women about healing diastasis recti and incontinence. It was so informative, and if you are interested in watching it, we posted it on YouTube. Click the link here.



I made these Coconut Blueberry Muffins on Friday. Cullen is finally at the age where he can (kind of) help me in the kitchen. Okay, he really just whisked the dry ingredients together while I did everything else. But at least he’s interested in helping me.

When you make something with coconut flour, the recipe always calls for several eggs (6 in this recipe), so I used duck eggs in this recipe. A friend of mine has chickens and ducks and gave us some eggs to use. I was a little weirded out to use the duck eggs in my omelet, so I opted to put them in baked goods. I was actually surprised the duck eggs look just like chicken eggs on the inside, except the whites of the duck eggs are more gelatinous than chicken eggs.



I will be spending pretty much the whole month of June in Minnesota!

I was just planning on going for two weeks–one week before the marathon and one week after, but my coach, Nichole, is hosting a training retreat two weekends before the marathon, which will be a perfect time for me to hone in on pacing and nail down my mental prep, which is key to a good race. I am super excited to go, and I think she may have a couple of spots interested if you want to go.


Cullen has finally been sleeping through the night for a month now. It is a miracle!

One week before Cullen turned 18 months, he–on his own–decided that he was going to sleep through the night. Hooray! Ugh, but what a terrible, horrible 18 months of sleep deprivation. I can’t say that Craig or I have slept through the night 8 hours straight, but hopefully we will soon!


He is all boy: wanting to play outside all day, splash in the water puddles, and apparently eat dirt.


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