On the Farm

Cullen and I are enjoying our time in Minnesota with family and friends. Craig wasn’t able to come, but I know he wishes he would have been able to! I love being at my parent’s farm because I forget about the business of the world. Plus it helps that I’m not super busy running around at home cooking, cleaning, and doing errands all day long. I’ve even gotten a chance to nap some days, which is especially important as the marathon nears.

IMG_3139 (1)

We made sure to stop and see great-grandma one evening. She couldn’t believe how active Cullen was as he was busy doing something (and getting into all sorts of things) the whole time we were there. Even though she has four kids of her own, she must have forgotten the busy toddler stage.

IMG_3172 (1)

I am so glad Cullen gets to experience life on a farm, even if it is just for a few shorts weeks each summer. He has been LOVING all of the different animals. He especially loves the cats on my parent’s farm. He gets a little scared of the pigs because they make a lot of noise when you walk into the barn.

IMG_3175 (1)

He also helped my mom pick strawberries from the garden one day. . . . okay he mostly just ate them. (Be sure to follow me on Snapchat if you aren’t already! username: therunnersplate)

IMG_3197 (1)

One night we went to a different family’s farm for an event called Taste of the Farm. There was free food, root beer floats, a bounce house for the kids, music, and a scavenger hunt.


This family’s farm had cows, and Cullen was in heaven. He hasn’t stopped saying ‘cow’ since.


We also made a trip to the waterpark one evening when the temps were close to 90*. While it wasn’t unbearably hot in my book, it reminded me how you do cope when the temps soar in the middle of summer: you spend every waking moment in or near the water.

This was the first time Cullen has been swimming, and it took him an hour to warm up to the idea of getting in the water. He was pretty apprehensive at first, but finally he was walking in the water, splashing, and climbing on the turtle slide by the end. I think he’ll be much more excited the next time we go.


I am in full taper mode with shorter runs, no more two-a-days, light weight lifting, and trying to rest as much as possible. Grandma’s Marathon is June 18th, so just a little over a week until the big day!


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