Adventuring in Alaska

We’ve been busy doing touristy things this past week. Sadly some of the only times we actually go on adventures are when people come to visit us. We had friends from Australia in town visiting this past week, and my brother-in-law and sister-in-law are also here for a few weeks this summer.

On Tuesday we took a float trip down the Kenai River out of Cooper Landing. We did a nice, low-key 2 hour float down the river. It was raining at the beginning but stopped part-way through, so it was a little cloudy but still very pretty.


We were a little apprehensive to take Cullen on the float trip, but the company said it was appropriate for people of all ages. We knew the rapids weren’t big, so we thought it would be okay. He didn’t get a nap before the trip, so he was a little fussy at first, but he actually did quite well overall. He loves the water, and we distracted him with the birds, singing songs, and being goofy.


On Wednesday we went to Whittier for a hike and had lunch at Swiftwater Cafe–> don’t even try to go somewhere else; they have the best food in town.

It was a overcast, rainy hike, but it was pretty cool hiking up in the clouds. It made for some really pretty scenery. I felt like I was in a different country.


We hiked the Portage Glacier trail to an overlook where we could see the glacier off in a distance.


Cullen had fun for about 30 minutes in the backpack, but then he was ready to get out.



On this hike you can also see a really nice view of Whittier and the beginning of Prince William Sound.


Thursday morning I rode my bike for some cross-training. My right hip flexor has been bothering me for a couple of weeks, so I had to opt for a different form of exercise. I had a massage on Friday, so I’m hoping that loosened everything up.


Thursday afternoon Craig had surgery. Here is his before and after picture.


Haha! Just kidding.. . . he had a small belly button hernia fixed. I don’t think he realized how much pain he would be in. They made 5 small incisions in his abdomen, and while it didn’t seem like it would be that big of a deal, any time he has to engage his core muscles to do anything (which is pretty much everything!), he can feel the incisions. Now we both can relate to each other since my c-section was in the same area and made doing anything (getting out of bed, lifting things, coughing, laughing, etc.) difficult.


I’m working at the store (Skinny Raven Sports) all weekend, so I’ll be back with some more posts next week. I’ve got one blog post about my current running shoe rotation, so stay tuned!

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