Recording a TV Segment + A Hip Update

Yesterday I had the opportunity to record a cooking segment for the local TV station!

A couple weeks ago, a new reporter for KTVA Channel 11 news here in Anchorage, contacted me and asked me if I was interested in doing a segment for their morning show, Daybreak. They started a new series called Recipe Box, and she wanted me to share two quick, healthy meals that families could make. I e-mailed her back and said I was definitely interested!

So yesterday the news reporter and her camera-guy came to my house and recorded me making my Bacon Kale Potato Soup.


Basically they first recorded me prepping the food, and then we talked through how to make it. Cullen was my sous chef and helped me mix and dump things into the bowl. He actually loves helping me in the kitchen and requests daily to, “mix mama.” I didn’t know was to expect, so I was a little nervous, but hopefully the segment will turn out okay.

And as far as an update on my hip. . . . . .

I tried running on Monday again after a month of healing, cross-training, and no running. I ran a mere 0.75 miles because I did not want to overdo it. I took two short walk breaks just to be on the safe side. The good news: the area of my hip that has bothered me in the past did not hurt on the run! However, other areas of my hips felt weird. My opposite hip oddly was a little more uncomfortable through the hip girdle in general and deep into the hip, but I’m hoping that’s due to having taken the past month off–and really two months at that. Oddly, it reminded me of the sensation of running postpartum, which was a strange thing too.

I am crossing my fingers and saying my prayers I am on the road to recovery now.


I went to the chiropractor after the run, and he was glad to hear I didn’t have any pain where I had been experiencing the discomfort. He said he didn’t think it was necessary to do an MRI and instead we would keep working it with ART (active release technique) like he has been.

My sister recently got her wedding photos back from the photographer (Rochelle Louise Photography), and I just had to share this one that she took of our family. I love Cullen’s expression in the picture and that it looks like he is tapping his foot. Ha!


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