Cullen Turns Two

Today was Cullen’s 2nd birthday!

This happy-go-lucky boy is so much fun these days! He is putting 3 and 4 words together, which really makes communicating so much easier. He knows his first, middle, and last name; tattles on himself and says no-no when he’s doing something he shouldn’t be; and gets really goofy at night.


If you want to read his birth story, click HERE. If you want kids some day, do not click on the link because I’m pretty sure I’d scare you away from every having a baby.

We celebrated Sunday night with a small party with some close friends and family. It was perfect: low-key, good food, and Cullen had a blast (minus almost burning his lip on the candle #momfail). I worked 11 hours on Saturday and then again Sunday afternoon, so I knew I wouldn’t have a lot of time to devote to putting on a big party. And right now the party’s still up to me, so I decided to keep things low-key and minimal.


Cullen was so excited for cupcakes. Anytime we talked about his birthday, he made sure to mention the fact there would be cupcakes. I made chocolate cupcakes that used a box chocolate mix but had other ingredients in them as well (semi-sweet chocolate shavings, sour cream, and instant pudding). They tasted great, but majorly fell after taking them out of the oven. I ended up covering up the hole with extra frosting, so you couldn’t really tell until you took a bite and got way more frosting than you were expecting.


Cullen had some of his best friends come, including one of his many girlfriends, Maddie.


Today we mostly hung around home. I lifted weights at the gym while Cullen played with other kids at the child care, which is actually one of his favorite things to do. After that he took a 3 hour nap, he then spent some time playing with his new toys including his new shopping cart and a kid’s tent and sleeping bag from Cabela’s that Craig picked out.


I got Cullen a sled, so we went for a walk this evening and took the sled with us to try it out. Cullen and I went down the hill one time, but he didn’t enjoy it. I think he either got scared with how fast we went or he got snow in his eyes and didn’t like it.

img_4087He brings a lot of joy to our lives, and we love being his parents!

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