My Favorite Winter Staples: Running + Casual Clothes

While we don’t have any snow on the ground, it has been very cold here, so I’ve had to pull out all of my winter clothes. (Oh wait, I never put them away since I live in Alaska and the summers here are cold too.) I realized I have several pieces that I’ve had for several years and wear time and time again, so I thought I’d share some of my favorite go-to pieces in my wardrobe–those for running and some casual pieces as well.


Downtown Anchorage in the background–January 2015

Lululemon Down for a Run Jacket

I live in my Down for a Run  Lululemon Running Jacket in the winter. Nothing has come close to keeping me warm like this jacket. I love the high collar, the ample length in the arms and body, and how nicely it fits. I would definitely purchase this again. It looks like this is the equivalent for this year–since Lululemon constantly has new items.



Brooks Launch Running Shoes

I used to be a Mizuno Wave Rider girl, then for a while I didn’t have one running shoe I loved, but now I have find “my shoe”: the Brooks Launch. I absolutely love these shoes for anything and everything: speed workouts, intervals, easy runs, long runs, you name it, I would wear them every day. I also love that they don’t cost an arm and a leg. (Granted they will probably break down more quickly.) They fit my foot really well, and they are lightweight and responsive. Win! screen-shot-2016-11-22-at-2-36-18-pm

Nike Running Tights

I have literally owned these Nike tights for 10 years. I don’t remember exactly when I bought them, but it had of been during college or shortly after. I absolutely love these tights because the waistband doesn’t come up very high (I know, I am one of the few people who likes a low waistband.), my hips and knees can bend easily without any constriction, and they don’t slide down on my quads. I have tried far too many other tights and so many either fall down on the back waistband, or I am constantly pulling on the material over my quads. They still make nearly the exact same tight.



Lululemon Hat

When it drops below about 25 degrees, I have to wear a hat to help stay warm. I purchased this hat from Lululemon last year and have worn it countless times. It was kind of an impulse buy–as I had other hats in my wardrobe already, but I love how lightweight it is, how well it wicks sweat, and all the reflective dots for early morning runs.



BP Trolley Booties

I purchased these BP Trolley Booties several years ago and still love them. I love that they are a gray color, so I can wear them with black and brown clothes. The block heel makes them comfortable to stand in for long(er) periods of time, and they have held up over the years.


J. Crew wool skirt

I ordered a J. Crew wool skirt online several years ago, but I’m never quite sure how something will fit since I’m not able to try it on. Thankfully I absolutely love the skirt. It pairs with a lot of my other clothes well, and it is a timeless piece that will be in style for a long time. The one pictured below looks identical to mine, minus the two slits, and it is on sale here at J. Crew Factory for less than $40.


Fortress of Inca Booties

I only recently purchased these Fortress of Inca Cara Booties from our sister store and women’s boutique Her Tern, but I can already tell I am going to wear them often and for many years. They are handmade in Peru and are made of a beautiful leather. Originally I wanted a dark bootie, but I actually love the color even more now.


Funnel Neck Shirts

There is something about a cozy sweatshirt with a funnel neck to help keep me warmer in the winter. I have this cowl neck pull-over from Lululemon (pictured below) that I bought last winter. Of course they don’t make it anymore. There is this sweater that is similar but more of a sweater than a sweatshirt. I also have a funnel neck sweatshirt from Gap that I wear often. This one is similar.



I’m going to throw in a few makeup items that are staples in my daily routine because why not.

Stila Eyeliner

I thought I had shared my love of this eyeliner on the blog before, but when I searched in my previous posts, I had not. This Stila eyeliner is amazing; it has been long-time favorite of mine! I love that it glides on so easily, and you can easily draw a really thin line or a bolder, thicker line depending upon what effect you’re going for.


Revlon Skinlights Loose Powder

I’ve had this container of Revlon Skin Lights Face Illuminator for about 10 years, and the container still has a ton of powder left in it. I’ve never been a blush person, so this bronze-y, shimmer-y powder is perfect for sweeping on my cheekbones. Revlon no longer makes this, but here’s a bronzer that I’m sure would do the same thing.


Maybelline Full ‘n’ Soft Mascara

I have been using this Maybelline Full ‘n’ Soft Mascara for eons. I love that it does not clump and makes my lashes very natural-looking. It really does give them a full and soft look, and I will add layers of other mascara if I want a bolder look.


Happy early Thanksgiving to everyone!! I am running the Turkey Trot here in Anchorage tomorrow morning. I have not run hard in 5 months, so it is going to hurt! However, I love racing, and my hip really hasn’t bothered me since the steroid shot, so I figured why not.

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