Friday Favorites – Spring Booties + 2 Must-try Recipes

Hey, all! Happy Friday!

Craig was 100% convinced on Wednesday night that it was really Thursday night. Sadly, it wasn’t, so hopefully your week didn’t feel like a slog either.

I’ve got some fun things I’m featuring in this blog post including a new pair of spring shoes, a Beautycounter product that’s reduced my pore size, and a fun running podcast!

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C Tolle Run Podcast

I’ve heard of the name Carrie Tollefson a lot since growing up in Minnesota, and I knew she had a podcast, but I had never taken the time to listen to any of them. I finally listened to 3 podcasts on C Tolle Run where Carrie interviews Shalane Flanagan, Kate Grace, and Emma Coburn, and they were all fantastic. I’d highly recommend listening yourself!

Spring Roll Bowls

I am a sucker for meals in a bowl: everything thrown together and a combination of different flavors! This Spring Roll Bowl from Pinch of Yum is a favorite of mine, and I will continue to make this again and again. And p.s. if you don’t follow Pinch of Yum blog, you must!

Sally Hansen Nail Polish

I purchased this nail polish a few weeks ago when I was looking for a fun, new spring color. Actually Cullen picked it out because I couldn’t decide between two colors. (You have no idea how many times I’ve asked him to choose for me when I am being indecisive!) Even though it was quite cheap, it stays on just as well as my other nail polishes that cost several times more.

Peep Toe Booties

Love me some booties, and these peep-toe booties are perfect for spring and summer in Alaska since it really doesn’t get warm enough to wear many strappy sandals. Plus these are much more suitable for church, and a lot of my cropped dress pants have gone unworn since I haven’t found many good shoes to wear with them. There might still be snow on the ground, but that’s not going to stop me from wearing them this weekend.

InvisiBobble Hair Ties

If you are tired of kinks in your hair after taking out your ponytail, get these! They are great for when I want to throw my hair up for a while but want to wear it down later in the day. I also use these when curling my hair to keep the sections I am not curling out of my way. They weren’t tight enough to hold my fine hair while running, but if you have thicker hair they might work for you.

Homemade Coffee Creamer

I’ve never considered making my own coffee creamer, but I’m glad I found a recipe because frankly even the ‘healthy’ coffee creamers have ingredients that I’m unsure of. This Vanilla Coconut Coffee Creamer was thick and creamy, and it tasted great. It just didn’t stay fresh too long in the fridge.

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Beautycounter Rejuvenating Night Cream

I purchased the Rejuvenating Night Cream after I ran out of my previous night-time moisturizer. I wanted a moisturizer that was slightly heavier than my day-time moisturizer, and this one has amazing reviews on the website. It leaves my skin feeling softer and firmer by the morning! It hardly has any fragrance, which is a plus if your skin is sensitive to things like that. I also think it has helped the size of my pores on my cheeks get smaller! I don’t have huge pores, but the side benefit was definitely something I didn’t complain about.

Stance Socks

I raved about my love of Stance Socks before, but sadly I lost one of my favorite pairs. (Well, one of the two socks disappeared while doing laundry. How does that happen?) And since I love them so much I had to purchase this pair. I love them just as much, and they are literally a no-show sock in your shoes, plus they do not slip down!

I am off to the gym to lift some weights after my run this morning, and then I’ll probably clean the house before relaxing a bit this evening. Enjoy your weekend, everyone!


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