Springtime on the Farm

Today is our last day in Minnesota. Boo! It never gets easier to leave. This will always be home-home.


We’ve been busy playing on the farm but also doing work: trimming trees, moving pigs, buying parts, picking up rocks, planting, etc. Actually I didn’t help out with much of this; I drove the tractor instead of pick up rocks and watched Cullen when everyone else was busy. My mom also watched Cullen a lot, so I was able to go running whenever I wanted, work on Beautycounter stuff, and prep blog posts.


Grandma showing off her tractor to Cullen. There are only green John Deere tractors allowed on this farm. Cullen loved pretending to drive it of course.

Cullen has been loving every second being on the farm. There were two things Cullen requested to do each day: go play with the kitties and see the pigs.

I found many vintage toys while at home, including this cow on wheels along with this barn that I think many other people my age had growing up. (Craig said he had the same one.)

As any boy, Cullen loved climbing onto the big tractors and trucks and pretending to drive. That smile cracks me up!

Riding the Rhino with Dad. He loved taking rides on it!


While this wasn’t a true vacation, it was still a nice break from the city-life and hopefully we’ll be back soon!

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