Pulsator 10K 2017 Race Recap

I often (okay, make that ‘always’) have a time goal for a race I’ll be running. Sometimes I make that goal know on social medialike my sub-3 hour attempt last summer, and other times I don’t share itlike trying to break 40 minutes in the 10K this past weekend.

Coming off a 10 month long injury, I haven’t known what to expect for my racing performance this past month. My first race back from an injury was a 5K in April. I had barely been pain-free for a couple of weeks but ran a 19:51 at the race. At the time, I had secretly hoped to be closer to 19:30, but then only one week later I went on to run a 19:28 at the Get In Gear 5K in Minnesota. My confidence started to build!

Since my 5K three weeks ago, training has been filled with a moderate amount of mileage (35-40 miles per week), one track workout each week, and a long run each weekend. Everything has gone really well, but I know I am still far behind where I was last year at this timeand even behind where I was two years ago at this time. Two years ago I was 7 months postpartum and running 75 miles per week! Two years ago I ran the Pulsator 10K in 40:09 with the hope of breaking 40 minutes. I didn’t quite have it in me at that time, so I didn’t know what I would be capable of this year knowing I haven’t been doing nearly the same amount of mileage.

BUT you take a deep breath, give it your all and see what comes of it.

The Pulsator 10K is coupled with the Trent/Waldron Glacier Half Marathon, which I did last year and a few other times as well. I’ve said it beforeand I’ll say it again: if you are local, I highly recommend running this race because it doesn’t end on a hill! (Unlike so many other races in town.) It is a small race with some decent food afterwards and a mug if you beat your time from the previous year.

I was excited and nervous to race again this past weekend. My training had been going well, but I still get nervous because I want to do well. The day was cloudy and cool; for most people it was probably the perfect racing conditions. While it wasn’t terrible for me, it definitely was on the cool side with temps in the low 40s. After warming up for 30 minutes, it was time to race.

My first mile (per usual) was my fastest. I quickly settled into my groove and found a pace that was challenging but one I could maintain the whole 6.2 miles.

Mile 1 6:18

Mile 2 6:31

Mile 3 6:35

I knew I had to get to the half-way point in 20 minutes or less, and I literally got to the turn-around just as my watch was clicking over to 20 minutes. I had paid attention to what my splits were on the way out, so I knew I had to stay under a 6:30 pace in order to break 40 minutes. Luckily on the way back (It is an out-and-back course.) this course is slightly downhill, and I can always tell because it often feels like I’m flying.

Mile 4 6:25

Mile 5 6:22

Mile 6 6:27

I was running by myself for the entire second half, but I passed the 10Kers going ‘out’ and many of them offered words of encouragement, which was so nice. (If any of you are reading this, I’m sorry I couldn’t say anything back, I was out of breath!)

Running by yourself is tough because you really have to stay focused and not ‘let up,’ but I kept thinking keep pushing, go for the sub-40! Luckily it paid off, and I crossed the finish line with just a few seconds to spare.

Overall, I’m very happy with how the race went. I felt good and got my secret goal. Three days later I’m still sore, but it probably didn’t help that I was on my feet working all day on Saturday and Sunday. I’m just doing some easy mileage this week before running the Twilight 12K on Friday night!

Now let’s talk about the clothes I chose to wear. In short: I LOVED racing in this outfit! I was the first time wearing the shirt and sports bra, which I know I’m not supposed to do, but that’s how much I trust Oiselle’s clothing. The tank it so light weight, breathable, doesn’t stick to your skin, and I love the fun pattern with the sheer material. I purposely got the sports bra to go with the tank. The sports bra is a fun pop of color under the sheer tank. Usually I’m not that picky about my sports bra, but I especially liked this sports bra! It had a wider band, which made it so comfortable t wear during the race. My shorts are a little longer than some of my other compression-style shorts at 2.5 inches, and they were also very comfortable to wear during the entire race. Lastly, if you are on the market for a pair of racing flats, I’d highly recommend mine! This is a perfect time to try them out because they are 64% off right now. Check them out here.

tank | sports bra | shorts | watch | shoes | socks


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