Getting Back in the Groove

I am so happy this is a positive update for once. There were far too many ‘debbie-downer’ posts this winter, but after two months of consistent running pain-free, I can now confidently say my hip pain is behind me!!

I still am not entirely sure what happened that ultimately healed my hip. As soon as the snow and ice meltedand I was able to run on dry pavement, I’ve been fine. Anytime I ran on the treadmill or indoor track this winter, I had no pain as well. However, my hip started bothering me during the summer last year, so it wasn’t entirely dependent upon snow and ice that caused my pain. I did a lot of physical therapy, ART (active release technique), saw the chiropractor, had a steroid shot, and took a lot of time off. I’m not sure it was a combination of everything or one thing in particular, but I am SO incredibly glad I am through this injury. Ten months was far too long!

shirt | shorts | socks | racing flats | watch

There was a lot of uncertainty this past winter, and I honestly thought I would never run pain-free again. I know, it sounds a little extreme now, but I thought I was going to have surgery and then always deal with a bum hip. (Because let’s be honest, surgery is not a 100% fix.) Thankfully, THANKFULLY the doctor said surgery was not necessary, which made me so happy.

Now that I’ve been able to start training formally again, I’ve had a couple successful track workouts, including some good long runs. (As good as long runs can be since they always wipe me out.) My most recent track workout went especially well. I did a ladder workout with my friend Kelly at the track last week. It was a wet, rainy one with some wind but still successful.

2 mile warm-up

200 meters 0:36

400 meters 1:21

600 meters 2:08

800 meters 2:56

600 meters 2:07

400 meters 1:21

200 meters 0:36

**equal recovery after each interval

1 mile cool-down

7 miles total

I remember doing 200s a couple years ago and having the hardest time running under 40 secondsmy legs just could not move faster! But then, after working with my coach Nichole for a few months, I specifically remember a break-through track workout one early morning, and I felt like I was flying on those 200s. And lo-and-behold I was running under 40 seconds. During my most recent track workout, I felt especially strong, fit, and fast running those 200s, and I surprised myself by still running under 40 seconds. Maybe I didn’t lose as much fitness as I thought I had!

I’ve also been able to race 3 times in the past 5 weeks:

Alaska Heart Run 5K

Get in Gear 5K (Minnesota)

Pulsator 10K

tank | sports bra | shorts | racing flats

Also, I can’t complain about the fact it is summer. Summer because it has been a cool, rainy May, but it is still WAY better than snow, ice, cold, and darkness! I’ve been able to wear shorts a couple of times in the afternoon, but most mornings are still cool in the low 40s. I’ve been pushing Cullen in the stroller once a week for a run, and I am so thankful he still enjoys sitting in the stroller for 45-60 minutes at a time.

shirt (similar) | shorts

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