74 Miles . . . .and so thankful!

Woohoo! 74 miles this past week in 6 days! (A few weeks ago I ran 67 miles in 7 days.)

There was a lot of mileage, but I just take it day-by-day to figure out how to get each run in. It’s a high enough of a priority that I make it happen each day.

Here’s how my workouts looked this past week.


AM 7 miles, easy | 8:57 average pace

Easy miles pushing Cullen in the stroller. I enticed him with all sorts of things: trains, the ocean, birds, the playground, etc. Luckily he still really loves the stroller.

PM 5 miles, easy | 8:37 average pace

Easy run on the Chester Creek trail where a guy asked me for a cigarette, and I saw Kikkan Randall running.


16 miles, tempo workout | 7:18 average pace

2 mile warm-up

4 miles @ 6:30

(actual: 6:29, 6:31, 6:33, 6:27)

1 mile easy

1 mile @ 5:40

(actual: 6:08)

1 mile easy

4 miles @ 6:30

(actual: 6:32, 6:32, 6:37, 7:06)

1 mile easy

1 mile @ 5:40

(actual: 6:20)

2 mile cool-down

Oh boy! Nichole really had me working during this workout! I don’t know that I have ever done a harder workout. I really had to fight hard for these splits, and even then I didn’t get all of my goal times. I was still happy with my results and the effort I put into it.


6 miles, easy | 9:35 average pace

I ran this one on the Campbell Tract trails, which is one of the few actual trail runs I’ve ever done. It was definitely nice to get off the pavement, but it seemed like it took forever since my pace was quite a bit slower.


AM 7 miles | 8:40

Keeping the easy runs truly easy these days as I posted about on Instagram. Too many times I see people doing their easy runs at paces far too close to their race paces. My pace for this workout is about 2 minutes/mile slower than my half marathon pace and nearly 3 minutes/mile slower than my 5K race pace.

PM 5 miles, easy | 9:57

Another very easy trail run around the Campbell Tract trails.


8 miles, easy | 8:32 average pace

My upper hamstring/glute is still not quite healed from the half marathon almost two weeks ago. I know I didn’t recover the days after the race since I was busy traveling around the state, and I’m still paying the price. Nothing painfuljust stiff, and it takes a little while to warm it up.


20 miles, long run with hard miles

2 mile warm-up

4 miles @ 6:30

(actual: 6:32, 6:27, 6:31, 6:25)

10 miles, easy

2 miles @ 6:15

(actual: 6:21, 6:24)

2 mile cool-down

This was a good run in the fact I remembered that even though I didn’t love everything about every mile during this run, I was out there doing a long run pain-free. After 10 months of struggling with my hip injury, these are the runs I live for!

Total: 74 miles

Follow me on Strava to see updates every day. Find me under: Michelle Baxter.

This week is a little lighter in terms of mileage, and I am running the 5K and 10K at the Alaska Distance Classic on Saturday!

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