Favorite Fall Running Clothes

It has been fall in Alaska since the beginning of August, so I’ve already been able to test out some of my favorite fall running gear for you. (Aren’t you lucky. . . ha!)

As the days get shorter (and they are even more short in Alaskaboo!), I have to start thinking about wearing more reflective gear. And of course the temperature drops, which means tights, thicker tops, and gloves and headbands.


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  1. A headband to cover my ears is a must when the temperatures start to drop. I usually have to have my ears covered when the temperature is in the low 40s F. I have several different headbands including a couple Skida headbands that are fleece lined, super cozy, and super cute. Plus they are made in Vermont, which is pretty cool! The one pictured above isn’t as thick, but it would work really well for fall weather. Plus it is only $7 on Etsy.
  2. This Oiselle long sleeve is the softest shirt I’ve ever run in, and it is perfect for those chilly runs in the 40s. The length hits right at my hips and yes there are thumb holes!
  3. You can call me a Lululemon addict, but I think they make some of the best running tights. I know some would say they are more pricey compared to some of the other brands, but I beg to differ as Oiselle has several $90+ pants, New Balance has a pair of $120 tights, and Nike definitely has their fair share. I’ve tried Gap Fit tights for $30/$40 on sale, but I gave them away after only wearing them a few times because they kept falling down in the back. These ones from Lululemon are designed for running (not all of them are) with extra pockets and a 4-way stretch so they won’t slip down.
  4. A vest is a must during the fall months! I think this one from Brooks is super cute, and I love the white color. Here is another option from Lululemon.
  5. My fall running wardrobe has several long sleeve running shirts. I have this New Balance long sleeve that I’ve gotten a lot of use out of and will continue to wear this fall, but the one pictured above is a mid-weight fabric perfect for fall and spring and then layering in winter.
  6. As summer winds down, I know I’ll be running in the dark no matter if I run in the morning or the evening, so reflective gear is a must. I love how much reflective area there is on these pants. (Just an FYI reflective material is not cheap, so that automatically drives up the price when there is a large area of reflectivness on any item.)
  7. The first extremity that gets covered are my hands. (Sadly, I was wearing mittens at the beginning of September in Alaska already.) These lightweight gloves are only $15. If you want more reflective areas, these would be a great option.
  8. These shoes aren’t a pair that you would want to run in, but I had to include them because I recently bought them and love how comfy they are! Not only comfy but super cute! (On a side note, if you want an ultimate no-show sock, I can’t recommend these socks enough!)

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I’m off to enjoy the beautiful fall day and relax before the marathon in TWO days!! Happy Friday!!

My A, B, & C Goals for Twin Cities Marathon

Only 3 more days until the Twin Cities Marathon!

I’m scared. I’m nervous. I’m at the point where I just want to start running and for it to be over. I did an easy 6 miler this morning. It felt fine, but I’m not ready to rock-and-roll quite yet. Just two more easy runs before Sunday, and then I’ll be ready! (Right?!)

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I’ve talked about having more than one goal for your races in this post, so I thought I would share what my A, B, and C goals are for the Twin Cities Marathon. I’m a big proponent of setting multiple goals for your race so if things don’t go as planned, you can still feel like you had a successful day!

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Racing the Skinny Raven Half Marathon this summer in Anchorage.

If you have been following along, you know what my A goal is. It’s my big, dream goal that I have been trying to achieve for the last 4 years.

A Goal Break 3 hours!

Plain and simple, right? That’s a 6:51 average pace throughout the entire 26.2 miles, and that’s if I run every single tangent, which is nearly impossible to do over that distance, so likely I’ll try to run just a few seconds under 6:50 during the race. Plus, there are some rolling hills on the course along with a 3-mile hill for miles 20, 21, and 22. Uff! That’s not going to be fun, but it helps prepare me mentally. The goal is on my mind every day and has pushed me through so many of the hard workouts.

B Goal Set a new PR

In many ways, it is hard to have other goals for this race because it seems like an all-or-nothing event. I want the sub-3 so badly, but I also realize there is a lot that needs to line up on race day in order for things to go perfectly! So my B goal is to set a new PR (personal record). Right now my PR is 3:06 (with-an-asterisk) as the course was a mile short when I ran the Moose’s Tooth Marathon two summers ago. It would be nice to have an accurate PR for the marathon and not have to explain my asterisk each time.

C Goal Finish the race

I’m pretty sure this is always my C goal for every marathon I run. The marathon is such a long distance to race, so any time I complete the distance, it is a huge accomplishment. Plus I would hate to say I dropped out of a raceunless something harmful to my health happened. I really struggled during Grandma’s Marathon last summer, but I did finish!

If you are interested in following my progress during the Twin Cities Marathon, download the ‘Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon’ app, and then search my name: Michelle Baxter or bib number: 3741.

I will also be posting on my Instagram account: therunnersplate.

Last Summer Weekend + One Week Until Twin Cities Marathon

We had one last summer weekend with temps in the 80s and 90s. This week is supposed to cool down to the 60s/low 70s, which is pretty much summer weather in Alaska. And the weather for Sunday’s marathon is a low of 55* and high of 71*, which is pretty decent for a marathon, but it will be warm by the end!

Friday started with a coffee date at The Daily Grind with my grandma who is 90 years old and still as sharp as can be. I had a decaf almond latte and enjoyed catching up with my grandma. Cullen came with us and had a banana bar and loved the local kombucha they had.

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I then went and got my nails done for the marathon at Cassie’s Classic Cuts. I tried to pick out a color that would match my bottoms for the race, but it isn’t quite the same. This is the color I have on.

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And if you are on the market for a pair of kick-around shoes to wear, these are amazing! Incredibly comfortable and super cute!

Saturday morning, Kristy (my sister) and I ran an easy 5 miles with the last mile at a sub-6:40 pace. Our actual pace was 6:33 for the last mile. Even though it was warm and humid, it was a short run, so it wasn’t that bad.

While we were out running, Cullen got a ride in the Rhino with Grandpa. (Look at that excitement on his face!)

That afternoon, I relived my high school marching band days at the Waseca Marching Classic. I am not kidding when I say it was cool to be in band at my high school. I played the mellophone (the marching French horn) if you were wondering. There were a lot of other floats in the parade, and Cullen’s favorites were the fire engines and anyone who threw candy his way.

It was a steamy one, hence his red cheeks. This Alaska baby isn’t used to 90 degrees. I, on the other hand, was loving it!

Saturday evening we went to pick some more apples at a neighbor’s farm.

They had a historic classic red barn, so we took some pictures in front of the barn.

Cullen, me, and Kristy

Sunday morning Kristy and I opted to wait until after church to do our last long run before the marathon, which is less than one week away! Eek! It wasn’t ideal running in the heat and humidity, but we also weren’t comfortable running in the country in the dark morning hours before church.

We finished 12 miles with one water stop at the park halfway through. I actually felt quit good, so I think (fingers crossed/saying my prayers) that my iron supplement is kicking in.

Sunday afternoon we headed to the lake for one last day of fishing and some time on the water. Cullen loved watching everyone fish.

That’s a wrap on our weekend of fun. Next weekend will be all about the marathon, and then Cullen and I are headed back to Alaska.

Things I’m Doing Differently the Last Month Before the Marathon

I am ‘all in’ this last month leading up to the Twin Cities Marathon. I am doing everything in my power to make sure my body is in tip-top shape because I am not taking any chancesI need to achieve my big, dream goal once and for all!

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I’m not making any major changes to my diet since I normally eat pretty healthy, but I am trying to clean it up even a bit more.

Less sugar

One of the biggest changes I made in my diet has been reducing the amount of sugar I eat. Since sugar is an empty calorie, it provides no nutritional value for our bodies, so I’ve reduced the amount of sugar by avoiding cereals, dried fruit, flavored yogurts, granola/protein bars with a lot of sugar (Clif bars, for example), etc. I have not cut out all sugar completely, but I have been more conscious about how much I’m eating.

Eating the healthiest options

I have been more conscious about eating the healthiest options and limiting the processed foods like crackers and cereals that turn into quick snacks for me. I’m aiming to eat things with 5 ingredients or less. I, by no means, have been perfect, but this has been my goal.

For lunch or dinner I have been eating the following meal almost every day: about 2 cups of sauteed vegetables (zucchini, broccoli, mushrooms, onion, kalesome combination of those) + quinoa + a meat protein (ground caribou, hamburger, chicken, roast beef, whatever is available).

Here is a breakfast I like to have: toast with avocado + scrambled eggs + a bunch of veggies sauteed (red pepper, broccoli, mushrooms, onion).

I am also avoiding alcohol (not that I drink much to being with), candy, dessert, and other junk foods.

Rest, Rest, Rest

One of the big reasons I flew to Minnesota three weeks prior to the marathon was because I knew I would be able to rest a lot more, which I can always tell makes a difference in my performance during workouts and for a race.

Staying off my feet

This is a big one! I am constantly on my feet at home taking care of Cullen, cleaning up the house, out-and-about running errands, or exploring with Cullen, but now while I’ve been at my parents I can relax a lot more because Grandma and Grandpa want to play with him too, plus he just got a new train set he loves.


I have yet to actually take a nap, but I did lay down one day last week; I just never fell asleep. Next week (the week before the marathon), I am going to make it more of a priority.

Sleeping more at night

It is nice not having to set an alarm each morning. Even if I get up at about the same time as my alarm would go off, I feel so much more rested if I wake up naturally.

More Water and Electrolytes

My water bottle goes everywhere with me, and it is always full. I have also been drinking tea, kombucha, and carbonated water in addition to plain water to mix things up. I have been using Nuun electrolyte tablets in my water on the humid days to replenish those electrolytes.

Foam Rolling and Stretching

I almost always spend a few minutes foam rolling before I go to bed each night, but I have been much more diligent about doing it a couple times throughout the day. I have been foam rolling and stretching because I think both are important.


I treated myself to a massage this week, and it was heavenly. I had a 30 minute massage to work out tightness and flush out my muscles. I’m going to do one more next week as well.

Chiropractor and ART work

Before coming to Minnesota, I went and saw Dr. Cain at Active Health Solutions for an adjustment and some ART (active release technique) to get everything loosened up as much as possible. To be honest, I should have been seeing him periodically throughout my training, but sometimes I don’t think of using these professionals when everything is going okay.

Mental Prep

This is a huge! To be honest, I haven’t been as optimistic about this race as I have others in the past. I’ve only had 4 months to build up, which is not very longespecially after taking the prior 10 months off due to my hip injury. In order to be mentally strong, I plan to listen to a podcast that is designed for a long distance runner’s mental prep. I have done this for the last two marathons, and I think it has helped make me more mentally tough for the races.

I’ve definitely had to make some sacrifices this past month, but if I can achieve my goal, it will be all worth it. Only time will tell!

Free Summer Activities for Kids in the Anchorage Area

At the beginning of the summer, I set myself a goal of taking Cullen to a new (to him) place each week. Sometimes it was a new park, sometimes it was traveling out of town for a hike or camping adventure.

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All of the things we did were free and almost always outside. They were activities that could have lasted 15 20 minutes or an entire hour depending upon weather and his level of happiness.

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Here’s what we did each week, and a little bit about each of the places we visited. (Each date is the start of the weeknot necessarily the date we actually did the activity.)

May 8 Kincaid Park

Kincaid Park is huge and offers a lot of different activities for people of all ages, but there is a small (but great) little playground area for kids that is comprised of several large play structures for climbing on: a giant moose to climb on, ropes, etc. When we went there, Cullen was a little young to be able to climb on the structures, but in the future I’ll definitely be taking him there.

May 15 Suzan Nightingale McKay Park (Government Hill)

This park quickly acquired the nickname of the Dinosaur Park because there was an area where you could dig for dinosaur bones. Cullen is really into dinosaurs, so he really liked this park. It overlooks the inlet, so there’s a great view as well.

May 22 Train Depot (downtown Anchorage)

Along with dinosaurs, Cullen’s other obsession is with trains. (Probably why he loves Dinosaur Train so much.) We drove down to the train depot to look at the trains. We also ran to the train depot a couple of times from Westchester Lagoon.

May 29 Potter Marsh Wildlife Viewing Boardwalk

Potter’s Marsh is a popular place to go for tourists and locals alike. It is a bird estuary and you can see salmon running up the stream in late summer. There is a long boardwalk in two directions, so plenty of space for everyone. On a warm, sunny day (like we had), the views were amazing.

June 5 Lake Hood Floatplane Base

Another one of Cullen’s pastimes is watching planes take off and land. At Lake Hood, you can watch the seaplanes take off and land on the water, which is even entertaining for adults. The planes are relatively close, which makes it even cooler. We packed a picnic lunch to eat at Spenard Beach Park and while watching the airplanes.

June 12 University Lake Dog Park

This week we took Sadie on our adventure too and took her to the dog park around University Lake. Usually we will go to the Conner’s Bog Dog Park because it is a lot closer to our house, but it is fun to mix it up every once in a while. There is a great trail around the lake, but we didn’t get too far with a toddler who likes to stop every three feet to pick something off the ground.

June 19 Balto Seppala Park

We met up for a play date at this park one afternoon. This park was recently redone with turf and new playground equipment. There is also a large grassy area for other activities.

June 26 Cullen’s choice: Westchester Lagoon

We’ve been to Westchester Lagoon before, but Cullen loves this park. There is playground equipment, but he also loves the water: throwing rocks in the water and watching the birds/ducks. We will often start and end our stroller runs from this area because there is so much to see.

July 3 4th of July parade

Cullen, Craig, my mother-in-law, and Craig’s aunt, and I went to the 4th of July parade downtown. Cullen loved the fire trucks and watching the bands.

July 10 Portage Pass Hike (Whittier, AK)

My sister and her husband were in town, so we took them to the Portage Pass Trail just outside of Whittier. It is a medium-intensity, short hike, so it is great for kids. I did carry Cullen in the backpack on the way up and down though. Once you get to the top, there are several look-out points to see the glacier and the town of Whittier below.

July 17 Camping + fishing

This was the first time we had taken Cullen camping, and now I know why. It was SO difficult to get him to fall asleep at night since it barely gets dark in the middle of the summer. The first night I think he fell asleep at 12:30 a.m., the next night was 12:00 a.m., and the last night I can’t even remember I was so exhausted. He had fun watching everyone fish and kept requesting a pole of his own.

July 24 Trip to the cabin

Technically we did take Cullen to my in-law’s cabin this past winter, but this was a trip in the summer and we went to new places we hadn’t been during our winter trip. He loved building a fire and stacking firewood. (I’m sure he won’t love stacking firewood as a teen!)

July 31 SteamDot Coffee Shop

This was our one indoor activity. The rains started this week, and I wasn’t feeling the strong desire to spend time in the rain. I knew Cullen would have a good time playing with different toys. This particular coffee shop is nice because there are quite a few toys for kids of all ages.

August 7 Anchorage International Airport

I have been running on the Coastal Trail many times and have seen the airplanes take off and land right next to the trail, but I didn’t know this was a thing to do with your kids until I heard other moms talking about it. We didn’t pick the best day to do this as it was drizzly, (It hit August and the fall rains started.), but Cullen still loved it nonetheless. We watch big cargo planes and passenger jets take off and land that were so close it felt like you could touch them. (FYI The highest concentration of airplane traffic is right around the noon hour.)

August 14 Cullen’s choice: Dinosaur Park

This week I let Cullen pick where we went, and he chose to go back to the Dinosaur Park. We brought our lunch along, and he had the entire park to himself.

August 21 I think this was the one week we didn’t get out and do anything.

August 28 Beluga Point and McHugh Creek

This is a really quick drive from Anchorage (10 minutes from the south side of town). There’s a couple look-out points at Beluga Point, and we walked down to the water to throw rocks into the water. It was funbut windy! After spending about 30 minutes at Beluga Point, we drove back down the road just a little ways to McHugh Creek. We didn’t hike the trail but instead just checked out the creek, waterfall, and look-out point from the top parking lot.

September 4 Cullen’s choice: Beluga Point

Cullen wanted to go back to Beluga Point, and I wanted to see if there were any beluga whales in the Turnagain Arm as I had heard they were there, but sadly we couldn’t find any. We did see some dall sheep though.

After that, we left for Minnesota, so our summer adventures in Alaska concluded. It was a lot of fun forcing myself to explore different places, although I like to do this anyway. I definitely see ourselves doing the same thing next summer.

Fun Fall Weekend + Failed Workout

I am loving this picture-picture fall weather we are having in Minnesota right now! Actually it was on the warm and humid side on Friday and Saturday, but then Sunday was sunny with a hint of crisp fall air.

This weekend, my mom, Cullen, and I went to the Twin Cities to stay with my sister, Kristy, and her husband, Nick. It was a full weekend but a lot of fun as I did some shopping, attempted a marathon pace workout that actually didn’t go so well, a trip to the zoo, and a visit to the apple orchard.

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We drove up on Friday afternoon and stopped at some stores we don’t have in Anchorage: Nike Outlet, Trader Joe’s, and Home Goods. I also went to Lululemon even though we do have one in Anchorage, but I had been doing some online shopping and wanted to try on the pieces in the store. As always, Lululemon took more of my money than I had planned, and I ended up buying these running tights (because it is going to be cold when I get back to Alaska), this running long sleeve top (that seemed warmer than a lot of their other long sleeve running tops), and this sweatshirt because I am a sucker for cute, comfy sweatshirts, and it is all I wear during the winter because I’m always freezing.

Friday night we had dinner together, and Kristy and Nick grilled turkey burgers for everyone. After dinner, we hung out and watched Sing (Cullen’s request) since Cullen napped in the car and didn’t go to bed until 10:30 p.m. anyhow.

Saturday morning Kristy and I did my marathon paced workout. It shouldn’t have been too hard, but I really struggledeven more so than I did three days prior during a similar workout.

Saturday’s workout:

30 minutes @ GMP (goal marathon pace) = 6:45 6:49, 2 minutes easy, 30 minutes @ GMP, 2 minutes easy, 20 minutes @ GMP with the last 5 minutes a little bit faster

I naturally woke up at 6:00 a.m. Saturday morning, had some breakfast (RX Bar, toast with peanut butter, coffee, and Generation UCAN), did some computer work, and we were ready to go by 9:00 a.m. Definitely a little later as the humidity was on the higher side, but it was raining from about 7:30-8:30 a.m.

We did a couple warm-up miles that felt fine. We knew the humidity was going to be a challenge, but it was overcast. Then it was time to go! The first 30 minutes we hit all but one of the targeted paces: 6:44, 6:43, 6:45, 6:53.

By the end of that first set, I was already feeling like I was putting in way more effort than I should be, so I decided to slow the next segment down to 6:50 6:55. We started out, but within the first mile I knew things weren’t moving so quickly anymore. I really struggled to stay with Kristy, and I thought about stopping way too many times. I finished but it wasn’t pretty: 7:08, 7:18, 7:14, 7:11.

We stopped for some water at this point, and Kristy and I started talking about my extremely labored breathing, so labored that I can barely catch my breath. This happens when I don’t take enough iron, and it dawned on me that I had been taking less iron in the last week. You see, usually I take a prenatal vitamin with 30 mg of iron + an iron supplement with 65mg. However, this last week I started taking some vitamins my coach gave me last summer that are some ‘premium’ vitamins. What I didn’t realize was that there isn’t any iron in this multivitamin pack. I was continuing to take my iron supplement, but 95 mg (which is usually what I take) versus 65 mg is a fairly sizable difference. It seems I need all 95mg as a very similar thing happened to me two winters ago when I changed up my vitamin ritual. I even blogged about it here.

The other possibility is the humidity was too high and affected me, which I’m sure didn’t help. Either way, I’m going to increase my iron intake and pray that that’s what my body needs.

Kristy and I finished up the last 20 minutes of the workout as best I could run it, even though the splits were even slower: 7:19, 7:26, 7:45.

I was so dead at the end of this workout. Oddly my back even ached, and I felt kind of nauseous and completely depleted of anything and everything in my body. Even trying to run a cool-down was a challenge.

As we were running back to Kristy’s house, we saw my mom and Cullen at the playground, so we walked back to the house with them. On our way, we stopped at a garage sale and scored a train tablecomplete with extra train tracks, Thomas and Friends trains, and more train accessories than one kid could play with for $20. It was such a steal and is still in excellent shape. Prior to purchasing this set, this was one toy Cullen asked to play with time and time again, and he literally hasn’t stopped playing with it since we got it. I’m so glad he got one, but sadly we won’t be able to take the whole thing back with us to Alaska.

Saturday afternoon Cullen actually took a nap (the power of Grandma’s!), and Kristy and I took our time eating and getting ready. Around 4:00 p.m. we headed to the Como Zoo because it was the one thing Cullen really wanted to do when in Minnesota. He, of course, loved it and was literally running from exhibit to exhibit. He seemed to especially like any of the animals in water.

Saturday night we laid low, Kristy made a Chicken Artichoke Pesto Pizza based off this recipe, and Cullen wanted to watch Secret Life of Pets. Once again he didn’t go to bed until 10:30 p.m. (even though we tried much earlier).

Sunday morning I did an easy 7 miles before church. After church, we all headed to the apple orchard where we picked apples and enjoyed a quintessential fall day. It was so nice!

Then it was back to Kristy and Nick’s house for lunch, the Vikings game, and a little more time together before we had to pack up and head back to the farm.

Today I’m laying low, going for an easy 6 mile run in a little bit, and then will probably do more blog work, Beautycounter-related things, and maybe even take a nap!

The One Beautycounter Product I Can’t Live Without

How much do you like your skin care routine?

Is it something you look forward to doing each morning and night?

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Do you use products that are safe for your skin and safe for your skin to absorb every day?

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In the past, I’ve liked my skin care routine, but it wasn’t something I was necessarily excited about. I was fairly happy with the products I used, but I know they weren’t safe! Since discovering Beautycounter and using their products, I can say I truly look forward to my skin care routine each morning and night. The products really work, and they are often compared to the quality of department-store products. Plus, they are safefree of parabens, toxins, and 1500 questionable ingredients. It took me a while to find what worked for my skin, but I am glad I stuck with it because I’ve never been happier with my skin.

In the past, I remember walking into Sephora looking for skin care products, and the employees would ask me, What is your skin concern? Honestly, it was hard for me to articulate what was wrong with my skin. I didn’t have anything major wrong with my skinI just wanted it to be healthier-looking overall. I wanted it to appear as though it was healthy and glowing. And now I’ve finally been able to achieve that with Beautycounter’s Rejuvenating Radiance Serum.

You guys! This stuff seriously is the best! It has helped even out my skin tone and firm my skin because, while I don’t feel like I need to use any anti-aging products yet, it never hurts to be pro-active! It is super lightweight, and I use it every morning and night before moisturizing. I also appreciate that a little bit goes a long ways, which makes the product worth every penny.

I’m not the only one who think this stuff is a miracle-worker. Almost 300 reviewers give it an average of 5-stars. Check out the reviews here.

This is one Beautycounter product I recommend over and over again and will definitely be ordering on repeat because I love it that much. I really think it was a game-changer in the appearance of my skin, and it will always be one of my favorite Beautycounter products.

As always, if you have any questions regarding the Radiance Serum or any Beautycounter products in general, don’t hesitate to reach out. I love helping people find products that work for their own personal needs!

Click HERE to shop the Rejuvenating Radiance Serum

(or any Beautycounter products)

Friday Favorites

Ten mile run this morning in the pouring rain! It usually is just a drizzly Pacific Northwest rain here, but it was coming down good this morning. I ran 2.25 miles to my friend Kelly’s house, and then we ran 5.5 miles together before I ran the 2.25 miles back to my house. I usually run on my own, but I do like having company at least once or twice a week!

I’m highlighting some of my favorite things in this post that I am especially excited about these days. I’ve got everything from a new cozy fall sweater to running podcasts, and a delicious protein bar that I finally find locally!

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C Tolle Run

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I’ve mentioned the C Tolle Run podcasts before, but I just had to mention them again because I think they are so fun and Carrie (the host) is a natural at interviewing people! I recently listened to the Alysia Montano episode, which was nothing short of spectacular. She and Carrie talked about Alysia running pregnant, why she won’t be getting a couple of the medals she probably truly deserves, and empowering women in the sport of running. I also listened to the Amy Cragg podcast yesterday, which was a good one too!

Fall Sweater

I just ordered this Free People sweater as the weather has changed to fall already. While I am not excited about fall because of how early it comes hereand I know what comes after that, I am super excited about the sweater! I am definitely lacking some good sweater/long sleeve options for winter, and I couldn’t resist when I saw it for 40% off and just under $60. I had been eyeing it earlier and grabbed it right away when it went on sale!

RX Bars

I’ve had a few RX Bars in the past from Trader Joe’s when traveling back to Minnesota, but I was stoked to find them at Target here in Anchorage. I bought the Sea Salt Chocolate flavor and love it! Twelve grams of protein and all whole foodslove!

Open-back Lattice Sweatshirt

I purchased this sweatshirt a couple weeks ago and have already worn it more times than I care to admit. It is so easy and comfortable with jeans or athletic wear. Right now it is on sale for $25, so grab one (or two) because you won’t want to take them off. There are several other colors too, and I was really close to buying the black.

Beautycounter Radiance Serum

This Rejuvenating Radiance Serum is pretty magical. I have been using it since July, and I don’t think I’ve ever had such smooth skin or such an even skin tone. I use in every morning and night before moisturizing, and it is lightweight and absorbs so well into my skin. I highly recommend it! Others agree as it has a 5-star rating!

Beautycounter is just rolling out the promos latelyone right after another. This weekendnow through Monday, September 4th, with a $150 purchase, you will get a free Facial Oil ($68 value). The facial oils are amazing and what got me hooked on Beautycounter products in the first place. After trying far too many other high-end products for my dry skin, the facial oil was the only thing that helped my parched skin this past winter. I continue to use it every night and love how moisturized my skin is when I wake up in the morning!

Shop Here for Beautycounter Products

Oiselle Sale

If you are on the market for some new Oiselle clothes, I’d highly recommend checking out their sale this weekend because they are offering an extra 40% off their sale items. I really like these shorts, this tank, love this bra.

I am working this weekend at the store, and then Monday is Labor Day, which means we get to spend an entire day together as a family. I’m stoked! I don’t know what we will do, but I don’t have a run that day either, which makes it even a little more sweet!

The Importance of Resting

I’ve always preached about the importance of resting: taking days off of running, getting enough sleep, proper recovery after a long run, and so on, but these things are ringing even more true as I am battling a cold this week, and I’ve had a few niggles pop up that probably didn’t heal properly due to poor recovery.

My upper hamstring/glute got a little injured after running Her Tern Half Marathon. It was really tight the few days following the race and would bother me when I started running. The week following the race I was not good about resting and recovering as my sister and brother-in-law were in town, so we were hiking, camping, and adventuring around the state. It has been flaring up every time I do speed work or race. More recently, at its worst, it is just tight for a quarter of a mile or so at the beginning of the run, and then the tightness thankfully subsides as it warms up. I also must have tweaked my knee a little when running the Skinny Raven Half Marathon. It bothered me going up and down stairs for a couple days following the race, and then I felt it again when doing lunges earlier this week.

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I went in to the chiropractor today for a spinal adjustment and some ART (active release technique). It is nice to knock out two birds with one stone and get an adjustment and have manual therapy at the same place. I saw Dr. Cain at Active Health Solutions regularly for my hip flexor pain this winter that was ultimately diagnosed as a hip labral tear. He was the only professional that made me significantly better, and I highly recommend his services. He is super knowledgeable and finds the root of the problem rather than just treating where the pain is. I still have no idea if what he did ultimately healed my hip, but I know I did make a lot of progress under him!

I had a 9 mile track workout written for this morning’s workout, but Nichole made a good decision by having me do an easy 45 minutes instead since my cold is not getting any better and to keep the niggles at bay. Reason #253 I really like working with a coach. I know I wouldn’t have been able to hit the times she had written for me, and it probably wouldn’t have done anything for my fitness. If anything it would have burst my confidence a little and prolonged this cold.

Picture from a previous track workout.

One of the hardest parts of being a stay-at-home mom is resting when you are sick. If Cullen napped, I could nap, but naps are non-existent these days. I try to go to bed as soon as I can after he does, but I also have other things that need to get done too: laundry, clean the kitchen, blog work, answer emails, etc. It is just too hard to rest with a toddler constantly on the move.

Truthfully I am the last person who should be giving advice about resting as I am not very good about staying off my feet, napping, or truly relaxing. This is why I am going to Minnesota three weeks before the marathon. When I’m at my parent’s, I won’t have to be on my feet as much, so I will be able to relax and sleep more!

This last month before the marathon is when I’m in the depths of this marathon training block. I’m logging high mileage, doing crazy-hard track workouts, and wondering how I am ever going to run a 6:50 pace for 26 point 2 miles! That’s when I am reminded how important rest, recovery, and sleep are in order to expect your body to perform at its best!