The Importance of Resting

I’ve always preached about the importance of resting: taking days off of running, getting enough sleep, proper recovery after a long run, and so on, but these things are ringing even more true as I am battling a cold this week, and I’ve had a few niggles pop up that probably didn’t heal properly due to poor recovery.

My upper hamstring/glute got a little injured after running Her Tern Half Marathon. It was really tight the few days following the race and would bother me when I started running. The week following the race I was not good about resting and recovering as my sister and brother-in-law were in town, so we were hiking, camping, and adventuring around the state. It has been flaring up every time I do speed work or race. More recently, at its worst, it is just tight for a quarter of a mile or so at the beginning of the run, and then the tightness thankfully subsides as it warms up. I also must have tweaked my knee a little when running the Skinny Raven Half Marathon. It bothered me going up and down stairs for a couple days following the race, and then I felt it again when doing lunges earlier this week.

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I went in to the chiropractor today for a spinal adjustment and some ART (active release technique). It is nice to knock out two birds with one stone and get an adjustment and have manual therapy at the same place. I saw Dr. Cain at Active Health Solutions regularly for my hip flexor pain this winter that was ultimately diagnosed as a hip labral tear. He was the only professional that made me significantly better, and I highly recommend his services. He is super knowledgeable and finds the root of the problem rather than just treating where the pain is. I still have no idea if what he did ultimately healed my hip, but I know I did make a lot of progress under him!

I had a 9 mile track workout written for this morning’s workout, but Nichole made a good decision by having me do an easy 45 minutes instead since my cold is not getting any better and to keep the niggles at bay. Reason #253 I really like working with a coach. I know I wouldn’t have been able to hit the times she had written for me, and it probably wouldn’t have done anything for my fitness. If anything it would have burst my confidence a little and prolonged this cold.

Picture from a previous track workout.

One of the hardest parts of being a stay-at-home mom is resting when you are sick. If Cullen napped, I could nap, but naps are non-existent these days. I try to go to bed as soon as I can after he does, but I also have other things that need to get done too: laundry, clean the kitchen, blog work, answer emails, etc. It is just too hard to rest with a toddler constantly on the move.

Truthfully I am the last person who should be giving advice about resting as I am not very good about staying off my feet, napping, or truly relaxing. This is why I am going to Minnesota three weeks before the marathon. When I’m at my parent’s, I won’t have to be on my feet as much, so I will be able to relax and sleep more!

This last month before the marathon is when I’m in the depths of this marathon training block. I’m logging high mileage, doing crazy-hard track workouts, and wondering how I am ever going to run a 6:50 pace for 26 point 2 miles! That’s when I am reminded how important rest, recovery, and sleep are in order to expect your body to perform at its best!

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