Last Summer Weekend + One Week Until Twin Cities Marathon

We had one last summer weekend with temps in the 80s and 90s. This week is supposed to cool down to the 60s/low 70s, which is pretty much summer weather in Alaska. And the weather for Sunday’s marathon is a low of 55* and high of 71*, which is pretty decent for a marathon, but it will be warm by the end!

Friday started with a coffee date at The Daily Grind with my grandma who is 90 years old and still as sharp as can be. I had a decaf almond latte and enjoyed catching up with my grandma. Cullen came with us and had a banana bar and loved the local kombucha they had.

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I then went and got my nails done for the marathon at Cassie’s Classic Cuts. I tried to pick out a color that would match my bottoms for the race, but it isn’t quite the same. This is the color I have on.

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And if you are on the market for a pair of kick-around shoes to wear, these are amazing! Incredibly comfortable and super cute!

Saturday morning, Kristy (my sister) and I ran an easy 5 miles with the last mile at a sub-6:40 pace. Our actual pace was 6:33 for the last mile. Even though it was warm and humid, it was a short run, so it wasn’t that bad.

While we were out running, Cullen got a ride in the Rhino with Grandpa. (Look at that excitement on his face!)

That afternoon, I relived my high school marching band days at the Waseca Marching Classic. I am not kidding when I say it was cool to be in band at my high school. I played the mellophone (the marching French horn) if you were wondering. There were a lot of other floats in the parade, and Cullen’s favorites were the fire engines and anyone who threw candy his way.

It was a steamy one, hence his red cheeks. This Alaska baby isn’t used to 90 degrees. I, on the other hand, was loving it!

Saturday evening we went to pick some more apples at a neighbor’s farm.

They had a historic classic red barn, so we took some pictures in front of the barn.

Cullen, me, and Kristy

Sunday morning Kristy and I opted to wait until after church to do our last long run before the marathon, which is less than one week away! Eek! It wasn’t ideal running in the heat and humidity, but we also weren’t comfortable running in the country in the dark morning hours before church.

We finished 12 miles with one water stop at the park halfway through. I actually felt quit good, so I think (fingers crossed/saying my prayers) that my iron supplement is kicking in.

Sunday afternoon we headed to the lake for one last day of fishing and some time on the water. Cullen loved watching everyone fish.

That’s a wrap on our weekend of fun. Next weekend will be all about the marathon, and then Cullen and I are headed back to Alaska.

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