Cullen’s 3rd Birthday

Today we celebrated Cullen’s 3rd birthday!

We didn’t have a big party or do anything extra special, but I let Cullen pick all of the activities we did today, and I know he had fun with everything. (In hindsight it was probably better we didn’t have people over because Cullen ended up being sick.)

The day started out with him sleeping in until 10 a.m. (Lucky me! It gave me time to stretch after running and take my time getting ready.) This, by no means, is normal. Cullen went to bed around 10 p.m. the night before because he actually took a nap the day before. He did wake up at 6:45 a.m. but then fell back to sleep at 7:15 a.m. because he was sick.

After getting up and having some breakfast, he proceeded to throw everything back up. Poor guy! He seemed to be fine after that, so he went back to eating and then played at home for a while.

Around 2:00 p.m., Cullen said he wanted to go to the library to check out some Dinosaur Train DVDs. He picked out some books too.

Next on the agenda: an ice cream cone from McDonald’s, which cost me a whole 60 cents. (Beats buying or making a cake because I don’t need all that dessert in my house.)

We then drove to the airport to watch the airplanes take off. We also saw a big ship on the water and took a short walk around Point Woronzof.

Afterwards went over to Craig’s parent’s, so they could wish Cullen a happy birthday. Then Cullen wanted to go home and eat, so we had dinner and hung out at home until bath time and bed time. It was a pretty low-key day, but a lot of that was due to him being sick. He still had a good attitude about it all.

Cullen is such a fun kid these day, and I really do love the age he is. I tell him daily never to grow up. Ha! I love the innocence, the wonderment of everything, and the fact he still thinks I’m the funniest, coolest person around. These are days where the terrible-twos and the threenager attitude comes out, but that’s usually due to him being tired. We have a lot of fun together, and I feel very lucky I am able to stay home with him and watch him learn and grow every day.

Here are some things Cullen’s really into these days:

  • being outdoors: hiking, going to the playground, walks with Sadie
  • Helping Craig in the garden, playing hide-and-go-seek with him
  • Going to the coffee shop
  • Stroller runs
  • Favorite foods: apples (eats at least one every day), spicy chips, cucumbers, milk, frozen peas, popsicles, chocolate, yogurt
  • Spending time on my parent’s farm in Minnesota
  • Paw Patrol, Dinosaur Train, Thomas and Friends
  • Having books read to him, puzzles, dinosaur flashcards
  • Going places and running errands
  • Playing with friends

If it is hard to believe Cullen’s already three, you’re not alone, but you are probably someone on the outside looking in. Ha! If you have any desire to read about my 43 hours of labor and delivery, this is the blog post recapping Cullen’s birth story. Or you can read a recap of his 2nd birthday and 1st birthday as well.

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