Base Training + Cyber Monday Deals

To be honest, I’m struggling a little with my running right now. After nearly two months since the marathon, I STILL don’t feel like my legs are coming around. I’m try to be patient, but I don’t remember recovery taking this long in the past. It also doesn’t help that it has been really cold this month, and it is back to running on the snow and ice every morning, which is never fun.

Let’s hope this next month won’t be quite as cold. (Most mornings have been below 20 degrees F and often below 10 degrees F as well.)

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The good news is that I hit 40 miles this week, which I was happy about. Right now I am doing a lot of base training with one treadmill workout a week. I’ll be happy to maintain mileage in the 40s or 50s–and maybe even a little in the low-60s this winter.

Here’s a recap of my workouts from November 20 – 26, 2017.


6 miles, easy

This was a nice easy run in the early morning hours.


6 miles – treadmill interval workout

5 x 1/2 mile

I’ve been trying to go to the treadmill once a week to do a faster, more uptempo workout. I did 5 x 0.5 mile @ 6:53 pace, which felt SO hard! That’s really sad since I just ran a marathon at a 6:57 pace two months ago! I had to stop and get off the treadmill after each interval in order to catch my breath!




9 miles, Turkey Trot 5K

I ran the Turkey Trot with Craig and pushed Cullen in the stroller. I ran an average pace of 9:32, so I didn’t try to race it. I had to stop several times for Cullen to change boots, readjust the blanket, and listen to what he was trying to tell me. He got really cold (The temperature was 10*F.), so he wasn’t too happy during the last mile. It was still fun, but I think I’ll have to avoid pushing Cullen in the stroller if it is below 20*F. I ran 6 miles back home before going over to my in-law’s for Thanksgiving. All the miles felt good.


5 miles, easy

Another easy run in the dark, cold morning hours before working on Black Friday. There was hardly anyone out, which was nice.


14 miles, long run

I ran 10 miles with my friend Mandy, and then finished 4 more on my own. My average pace for this run was 8:11, which is about a minute faster than I usually run! It is nice for me to push the pace every once in a while, but my hamstrings are still sore and tight two days later. The good news is that my hip didn’t bother me afterwards like it did after last week’s 13 miles.



Total: 40 miles

I am really happy to hit 40 miles. Usually that kind of mileage is nothing, but these frigid temps make it so much harder to get out each day!

Today is Cyber Monday, which means more deals. I still can’t get over how many great deals there were on Black Friday. I ended up purchasing a pair of Jetsetter Joggers from Albion Fit and two bottles of Zoya nail polish (a safer nail polish) for $5 each.

If you have been following me for a while, you know how much I love Generation UCAN, and if you are wanting to try some, take advantage of their Cyber Monday deal of 25% off, plus free shipping. This is their best deal of the year! Use the code: CYBER17

Today Beautycounter is offering 4 Cyber Monday deals! Some of you have been taking advantage of these awesome deals, so don’t wait to make your purchase. (Quantities are limited.) These items also make great gifts!

1. Countermatch Discovery Set There is a lot of buzz about the new Countermatch line, so this is the perfect time to try all the products in travel-sizes. I love my Countermatch Adaptive Moisture Lotion. $48

2. Travel size shampoo and conditioner sets in Volume & Shape and Smooth & Control. I use the Volume & Shape shampoo and conditioner every day and love how manageable and soft it makes my hair. $22

3. FREE Body Oil in Citrus Rosemary ($73 value) with any purchase over $175.

4. FREE SHIPPING on orders over $100

*Any of the links will ensure you are shopping through me.

Sorel // 25% off + free shipping

I am wearing the Out N About Boot.


Oiselle // 25% off Holiday Favorites with code: MOTIVATION + free shipping

My favorite long sleeve for the colder days.

Here are some other retails offering amazing deals!

Rabbit running // 50% off shorts with code: BUNDAY

Loft // 50% off + free shipping

J.Crew // 40% off + 10% off + free shipping

Shutterfly // Save up to 50% + an extra 25% today – Code: CYBERSAVINGS (I will be getting my Christmas cards today!)

Sarah Marie Design Studio // 20% off with code: CYBER17

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