Training Log 4.23.18 – 4.29.18 ~ 60 Miles

I’m getting back to some higher mileage finally! I did run 60 miles back in February, but it was not pretty. It went much better this time around!

Here’s a look at my training log from April 23 – 29. 2018. (And if you want instant updates on my runs, be sure to follow me on Strava! Find me under: Michelle Baxter.)


Off – I’ve still been taking one day off every seven days, but I think I’ll need to change that to a day off every 10 days this week. It is harder to get the mileage in otherwise.


7 miles, easy | 8:09 average pace

I could complain about this run: it was windy, overcast, cool, and my legs weren’t feeling great as they were still recovering from the 5K on Saturday, but I truly loved every minute of it!


9 miles, easy | 8:15 average pace

I ran one of my favorite loops that is a little more hilly than usual, but that’s what I need for all the races in Anchorage that end on a hill. (Which would be almost every single one of them!) I had planned to do an interval workout with one of athletes that I coach this morning, but we had a big wind storm the night before with sleet and snow, and we weren’t sure what the conditions were going to be like, so we called it off. It ended up being a nice calm-after-the-storm morning, so it was a fun run!


AM – 7 miles, interval workout

2 x 200 meters – 0:37, 0:39

4 x 400 meters – 1:20, 1:21, 1:21, 1:21

2 x 200 meter – 0:36, 0:37

I did this workout with the Raven Run Club training group that I coach. I was SO nice to have people push me, and I ran much faster than I did last week. (It probably also helps that there is no wind inside The Dome, which is our indoor 400 meter track.)

PM – 5 miles, easy | 8:45 average pace

I pushed Cullen in the stroller during this run, and we definitely hit some rain during the second half. Luckily he didn’t seem to mind too much. He’s such a trooper!


7 miles, easy | 8:57 average pace

I bribed Cullen to do a stroller run with me by telling him we could go to the park halfway through. However, once we got to the park, it started to rain more, and it was windy, so I was freezing in my damp clothes. It wasn’t a particularly fun run, and the elevation felt uphill both ways, but we got it done! I treated myself to a warm Epson salt bath afterwards, which is so much more enjoyable than an ice bath!


16 miles, long run | 7:36 average pace

I wish I could run at this time of the day every day. I felt like so good on this run! Although, the two cups of caffeinated coffee might have also helped. (I almost always drink decaf coffee.) I intentionally tried to push the pace on this run–especially during the middle 7 miles. I kept all mile splits under an 8 minute pace, which I was happy about. I am trying to work down the pace a bit because I need to be able to run a 6:50 pace if I want to break 3 hours in the marathon. I thought about trying to hit that 6:50 pace now and see how long I could hang on for, but I figured I would just get frustrated because I’m pretty sure I couldn’t do it for very long at this point. So instead I ran at “marathon effort,” which felt like low(er) 7s right now–7:15/7:20 pace.


9 miles, easy | 8:11 average pace

This was a little rough as my legs were feeling it from my long run yesterday.

Total: 60 miles

I was really happy to hit 60 miles this week and have some really quality runs. I’m feeling really good about my training, and I now just need to stay on top of the little things so I don’t get injured!

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